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Selecting the correct garage door size is vital for the functionality and aesthetic of your home. Infinity Garage Door, serving Las Vegas, offers a comprehensive guide to help you make the best choice for your needs.


It is imperative to understand the crucial factor that garage door and garage door sizes play into your house. If you pay close attention to the garage doors of your neighbor, you will find that they are of different sizes. The various sizes exist due to the different garage door openings. The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the different garage door height and which one works the best for you.


Standard Garage Door Sizes


For the majority of the garage doors, 8 to 20 feet of width is far from enough to fix all the vehicles. With single garage doors, the door has a dimension of about 9 feet in width with 7 feet of height. One can also avail of custom heights, which are 8 feet for trucks, tractors, and any other large vehicles.


Down below is a list of some of the most common standard garage door height:


Single Cars Garage Doors:


The majority of the time, these garage doors have 8 x 7-foot dimensions. These are generally adequate enough for any standard sized car. For owners of SUVs and vans, there are also customization options for all the major manufacturers.


Double Car Garage Doors:


For everyone who are into possession of larger vehicles or has more than one vehicle for that matter, double garage doors work best for them. Generally, the width of the garage doors are almost 16 feet wide, whereas the height ranges from 7-10 feet. In this way, one can also accommodate lifted vehicles.


Triple Car Garage Doors:


The triple car garage door dimensions are different from the prior two. In other words, they consist of a double door along with a single one. There are also varieties of custom design options for such garage doors.


How to Measure Your Garage Door?


With the standard sizes of garage doors out of the way, the first step towards determining the dimension of the garage door comes from its measurement. When it comes to measuring a residential garage door, it is more than just the dimension, as one needs to bear in mind the garage door opener with both the doors on opened and closed position. So, in order to begin with the measuring process, make sure to follow the instructions down below:

Begin the measurement with the help of a tape. Make sure to determine the height and width of the door in inches. In this way, you can actually determine the size of the doors. This is also known as the rough opening of your garage door.


Once you are done with the initial measurement, the next step is to measure the side rooms. This, in turn, will help you to determine the space that are available for the left and right sides of the opening. The majority of the vertical track systems require 3 ¾ inches on each side. There are some instances where the requirement goes up to 5 ½ inches.


Your next step is to measure the headroom of the garage door. This is mainly the area between the top of your garage door all the way up to the ceiling. For all the standard garage doors, at least 10 inches of headroom is required while the requirement can go as high as 12 inches.

Lastly, make sure to measure the back room, which is mainly the distance from the end of your garage to the door opening. Any standard backroom will require somewhere the same length of the garage door along with 18 inches more.


Garage Door Thickness


The thickness of your garage door is crucial to consider. While the overall cost of the garage door is determined by the same, it also ensures how insulated is your garage door. Here is a list of some of the most common thickness of garage doors based on the material.

As for the steel garage door, they have the least thickness of just about 1/8 inch. Due to such thin in size, they offer very little insulation. At the same time, steel garage doors are the most cost-effective to consider.


If you want to insulate your garage door, it requires ¼ to ½ inch of foam. You can generally fit them inside the steel panels.

If insulation is your primary concern. One can also opt for 1 to ½ inch of thick layers that are actually sandwiched in between the two panels.


What Do I Need to Know While Replacing My Garage Door?


Whenever there is a need to change or replace your garage door, the first and foremost resort is to take a proper measurement. The height and width of the garage door is very important to consider. You can always take reference to our proper measuring technique, which we have discussed earlier. Just bear in mind that there must be enough room on your garage door for all the components to properly fit inside them. Take assistance from an expert installer to get the exact sizing of your garage door.


Understanding Standard Garage Door Dimensions:


Learn about the standard sizes for single, double, and triple car garage doors. We discuss dimensions suitable for various vehicle types, from standard cars to SUVs and lifted vehicles, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your garage.


Measuring Your Garage Door:


Follow our detailed instructions on accurately measuring your garage door opening, including width, height, side room, headroom, and backroom measurements. These steps are crucial for a seamless installation or replacement.


Selecting the Right Garage Door Thickness:


Choosing the right thickness affects insulation and durability. We guide you through the options, from thin steel doors for budget-friendly solutions to thicker, insulated doors for energy efficiency.


Custom Garage Door Solutions:


Infinity Garage Door offers custom solutions to fit any specific requirements. Whether you need a unique size or style, our team in Las Vegas can design and install the perfect garage door for your home.



Infinity Garage Door is dedicated to providing top-quality garage door solutions in Las Vegas. Contact us at 702-417-7468 for personalized advice and professional installation services.


Here at Infinity Garage Repair, you can get all the standard size of garage doors. We also have the option for single car garage door size down to custom garage doors that suit your preference. Apart from garage door installation, you can also avail of other garage door services, from repairs to regular maintenance.

We are well aware of the fact of how important garage doors can be at times. That is why our emergency garage door service in Las Vegas make sure that your garage door stays seamless throughout the year. Get in touch with our customer care executives to receive affordable quotes today.

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