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In need of Premium custom garage doors? Did you know custom home features can increase a home’s value by 25%? Premium custom garage doors are a top choice for enhancing your home. With nearly five decades of excellence, Infinity Garage Door leads the way in offering Las Vegas custom garage doors. We’re stepping into 2024 with designs that meet your unique needs. Our doors are more than functional; they reflect your style and security.

Our commitment to elegant doors has made us well-known in Las Vegas. If you’re thinking about adding a special touch to your home, consider Infinity Garage Door. We’re known for top-quality Las Vegas custom garage doors. Reach out today for a door that makes your home shine with elegance.

Key Takeaways

  • Custom garage doors can greatly increase your home’s value and looks.
  • Infinity Garage door is a leader in the Las Vegas custom door scene.
  • We design premium doors that combine security and style.
  • As 2024 approaches, we’re bringing new, innovative door solutions.
  • With nearly 50 years behind us, Las Vegas homeowners trust us.
  • We’re ready to work with you for a unique garage door.

Explore the World of Custom Garage Doors

Infinity Garage Door knows how vital your garage door is to your daily life. We also see the chance to boost your home’s look and function. With custom garage doors, your property gets more beautiful and works better. Bespoke garage doors create an entrance that shows off your home’s unique style and works great.

The design of homes is changing, and so is the need for garage door customization. People want more than just a door. They desire a design that fits seamlessly with their home. That’s why there’s a rise in tailored garage door options that cater to unique tastes. All our doors are custom garage doors tailored to what you’d like.

custom garage door designs

Defining Custom Garage Doors

A custom garage door isn’t just an entry. It’s a showcase of fashion, security, and new ideas. It stands strong against tough weather and wear, proving its durability in harsh conditions. These doors are made to last. They protect your home and save on energy, all while looking great.

Customization Options for Garage Doors

You can choose from many garage door customization options. Pick materials like tough steel, beautiful wood, or modern fiberglass. Add cool tech like smart openers and Wi-Fi for easy control from afar. We also ensure safety with features like photo-eye sensors and backup batteries, making our custom solutions secure.

Being green and cutting energy costs matter more today. We’re seeing more solar-powered openers and smart home connections. Your custom door can make your home more energy-smart. Insulated materials keep your home’s climate steady, which saves you money.

If you love the classic look of carriage house doors, the clean lines of glass panels, or the traditional style of raised-panel doors, we’ve got you covered. Infinity Garage Door has many bespoke garage doors for every Las Vegas home. Let us bring together style, innovation, and personal craftsmanship for you.

Infinity garage doors serve the entire Las Vegas Valley with Custom garage doors for free estimate.

Innovative Custom Garage Door Designs in Las Vegas

At Infinity Garage Door, we lead the way in introducing unique custom garage door designs in Las Vegas. We noticed a trend at the 80th NAHB International Builders’ Show, which was very popular. It shows a high interest in modern garage doors, and we’re ready to meet this demand with our innovative products.

Las Vegas innovation in garage doors

Vertistack won an award at the 2023 Architecture MasterPrize, showing the industry loves bold designs in garage doors. Our collection includes the exciting new Vertistack for homes, starting this summer. It highlights the new trends in luxury unique garage door designs we’re bringing to you.

Clopay now offers Espresso and Cedar finishes for their Modern Steel™ doors. This meets your wish for luxurious wood looks without high maintenance. Their Canyon Ridge series has a Chevron design, bringing a European touch. It offers various patterns, colors, and custom choices, perfect for coastal areas.

We’re adding rich colors like Black, Charcoal, and Chocolate Brown to our collection. These deeper tones fit well with modern home designs. We’re also introducing full-view glass garage doors. They’re popular for blending indoor and outdoor spaces beautifully.

We focus on durability and easy maintenance, so we use strong aluminum. This keeps our doors looking great and lasting long. We partner with Apple Garage Door Repair for top-notch service. They offer repairs, maintenance, and emergency help by licensed professionals.

This is what Las Vegas has been waiting for in garage doors. It’s great for homes and businesses. For questions or service, contact Infinity Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas. They’re a reliable, family-owned company.

Why Choose Customizable Garage Doors for Your Home

At Infinity Garage Door, we understand that homeowners want both beauty and functionality. Our personalized garage doors reflect your home’s architecture and offer many garage door customization options. This matches your lifestyle and tastes perfectly. A tailored garage door design boosts your home’s curb appeal and sets your exterior apart.

tailored garage door design

Our focus on blending with your home’s look is matched by our drive to enhance home security. With over twenty years of experience, we build custom garage doors with top-notch security. They come with strong materials, good locks, smart systems, and safety mechanisms. These features keep you and your family safe, adding style and security to your home.

Tailored Aesthetics and Design

We’re experts at making your garage door fit your home’s design and details. Infinity Garage Door aims to match your design dreams, be it an RV door or an outdoor glass design. Our custom garage doors are more than just entryways. They’re expressions of your unique style and add elegance to your home.

Enhancing Home Security with Custom Features

Choosing Infinity Garage Door means getting top security without losing style. Whether it’s for an RV or a basement, we focus on your safety and your home’s look. Picture a cedar door that’s both stunning and secure. Or a steel door with a wood finish that’s elegant yet strong. Your safety is our focus, and we’re here to help you secure and beautify your home.

Our Process: Crafting Your Custom Overhead Doors

At Infinity Garage Door, the garage door customization process is both an art and a science. It lets us deliver top-notch quality and unique elegance with every custom overhead door we craft. Working with you ensures your vision for tailored garage doors creation becomes real. It boosts your home’s look and its functionality and value.

We start by talking about what materials you like. We know steel doors are chosen for their toughness, easy care, and insulation benefits. Aluminum doors are lighter, don’t rust, and look modern. Our wood doors offer timeless elegance, are fully customizable, and are naturally strong and beautiful.

Custom Overhead Doors Crafting Process

Our team is great at helping you pick, highlighting polystyrene insulation for cost-effectiveness and polyurethane for better insulation, toughness, and less noise. We also show you decorative hardware, like hinges and handles, to make your door unique.

When personalizing, it’s all about the details. You can pick a color, texture or finish, or design for windows. Your custom door shows off your taste and fits your home’s design perfectly.

Getting custom overhead doors is about more than looks—it can also increase your home’s value. But, it’s not just about looks; saving energy is key. We help you choose insulation that cuts heating and cooling costs, great for places like Spokane Valley and northern Idaho.

We’re all about precision, making sure each door part is exact for perfect looks. We use old-school joinery and modern tech for strong, beautiful doors.

From painting to spring tests, we check every detail for a polished look and smooth use. By choosing Infinity Garage Door, you get more than a door. You get expert advice, custom solutions, and our promise for excellence with your custom overhead doors.

Infinity Garage Door: Las Vegas's Trusted Custom Solution

Las Vegas custom garage door company

Infinity Garage Door leads in trusted custom garage door solutions for Las Vegas. Our dedication to premium doors meets each client’s unique needs. This makes us the top Las Vegas custom garage door company. We blend innovation with timeless designs, offering services for every home.

A Legacy of Quality and Service

Our skilled artisans have built a reputation for quality in Las Vegas. They understand our customers’ dreams. Our flexibility and expertise turn those visions into real, beautiful garage doors, adding beauty and security to homes.

Your 24/7 Custom Garage Door Support

At Infinity Garage Door, we offer help any time you need it. For consultations or urgent repairs, trust us for fast and skilled service. Our focus on detail and customer care makes us stand out and builds trust in our community.

In Las Vegas, our drive for trusted custom garage door solutions shapes our legacy and the skyline. Infinity Garage Door doesn’t just secure homes; we craft elegant, strong entrances to a future of home design.

Materials and Style Options for Personalized Garage Doors

Infinity Garage Door is all about making personalized garage doors that shine with your style and work how you need. We know all about the variety of custom garage door materials and style options out there. We aim to bring perfection and happiness to every home in Las Vegas.

Personalized Garage Door Materials and Styles

Steel and wood are top choices for garage door materials. You can go classic with wood or modern with steel. Wood doors can cost from $1,000 to $10,000, while steel ones range from $250 to $2,500. We’ve got something for everyone’s budget and taste.

We want you to be happy for a long time, so we offer warranties. They range from one year for some wood doors to a lifetime for certain steel doors. This means your purchase is safe, blending quality with peace of mind.

Looking for something different? Fiberglass garage doors start at about $1,500. Vinyl doors are more budget-friendly at $600, offering style and savings. Our composite doors, packed with an R-8 insulation value, are tagged at $1,500. They’re perfect for those valuing energy efficiency and looks.

Our wood doors require more care but are stunning, costing up to $10,000. Or, choose foam-insulated metal doors for top-notch insulation—some have R-values up to 17. We promise custom design choices that also deliver in performance.

Discover these materials and more with us. We’ll help customize your door with different panels, windows, and finishes. It’s more than a door—it’s a boost for your home’s look and a way to show your personal style.

Custom Garage Doors Installation in Summerlin

At Infinity Garage Door, we know how much a Summerlin custom garage door can improve your home’s look and security in Summerlin. We offer personalized solutions in every step, aiming for a custom garage door installation in Las Vegas. This not only boosts your home’s beauty but also strengthens its defense against crime. The high crime stats in the area highlight the need for strong garage doors.

The Summerlin Style: Integration into Local Architecture

Our goal with every Summerlin custom garage door is to make it match the local buildings perfectly. We aim for a design that’s not just an entrance but a statement of Summerlin’s unique charm. We ensure our doors reflect the elegance of Summerlin’s homes, adding to their luxury.

Professional Installation Services

Our commitment to professional garage door services begins with the design and ends with the install. The rise in property crimes in areas like Washburn and Durango shows the need for secure garage doors. With Infinity Garage Door, you gain not just a solution, but also peace of mind, as we install each door to protect against thefts.

Summerlin Custom Garage Door Installation

Our doors come with enhanced security features to fight off crime. We focus on making each door strong, from its build to the locks we use.

In Las Vegas, as people invest in security systems, we add another layer of protection with our custom garage door installation in Las Vegas. In response to local forums suggesting more security, like neighborhood watch or alarms, we push for better protection starting with the garage door.

Choosing a professional garage door service means choosing a partner who cares for your home’s safety and style. Let Infinity Garage Door be that choice, ensuring your home matches the beautiful Summerlin style and is safe from property crime.

Full View Glass Garage Doors: A Touch of Modernity

At Infinity Garage Door, we excel in making full-view glass garage doors. These doors make homes in Las Vegas more modern and elegant. They’re not just doors, but a design element that shows sophistication and openness. We ensure these glass garage doors brighten your home with sunlight and connect your indoor and outdoor spaces smoothly. A glass garage door Las Vegas company – Infinity Garage Door.

Las Vegas glass garage door manufacture

Sliding glass doors have become more popular in Southern Europe and the United States. They let in more natural light and fresh air. In Las Vegas, our glass garage doors installation services boost your home’s look and feel. They also help save energy and reduce noise.

The Beauty of Glass Garage Doors

Our glass garage doors are known for their attractiveness and usefulness. They work well as entrances to outdoor areas like gardens or pools. They are also great for offices, giving a quiet yet open space. We choose materials like wood, aluminum, or PVC for durability that matches your home’s style. All of our custom garage doors are tailor-made garage doors.

Installation and Manufacture of Glass Garage Doors

Making Las Vegas glass garage door manufacture perfect is our goal. The glass garage doors we install are double-glazed and UV-protected for energy saving. We also focus on security by adding strong locks to keep your home safe. These features ensure safety without sacrificing the door’s modern look.

Wood Garage Doors - Modern Look to Your House

At Infinity Garage Door, we see a wood garage door as more than a home entrance. It’s a statement that boosts your property’s look. We pick our modern garage doors for their unique grain patterns, stains, and shapes. Each one adds a special wooden garage door aesthetic to your Las Vegas home.

Modern Wooden Garage Doors

Our customers love our high-quality doors that fit modern homes. For example, Canyon Ridge® Modern garage doors have a 3.9 out of 12 rating, which shows homeowners care about style and quality. Meanwhile, Modern Steel™ garage doors are a hit, with a rating of 4.6 out of 96. They’re popular and very liked.

For a modern touch, Avante® garage doors, including the Avante® Sleek model, are top choices with ratings of 4.4 and a perfect 5.0, respectively. Our Reserve® Wood Custom and Modern versions also got perfect scores. They prove that wood’s natural beauty and modern design are a great mix.

Customers prefer doors that are beautiful and practical. High ratings for aluminum and glass doors show a move towards lighter, energy-saving materials. But, without losing the special look that homeowners want. We offer doors in wood, steel, aluminum, and glass. All can be customized with different windows, glass treatments, and colors.

We focus on saving energy and lessening environmental impact. That’s why we have energy-efficient options like Intellicore® insulation for some models. Our doors look great and are a smart choice for saving energy.

A wood garage door from us means loving timeless craft and modern designs. Electing one from our selection ensures your home shines, reflecting classic and modern vibes. All our Custom garage doors are custom-made garage doors.

How Made-to-Order Garage Doors Enhance Curb Appeal

Made-to-order garage doors greatly improve your home’s curb appeal. Visit The Home Depot to see how. They are more than just practical; they show off your home’s style and the effort you put into it. Imagine a robust garage door boosting your home’s look and energy efficiency.

custom-made garage doors

Clopay needs 4 weeks to custom-make a 9’x7′ garage door. Each part is made to fit perfectly and look great. The installation takes 4.5 hours, focusing on small details to enhance your home’s charm. And a quiet Chamberlain B970 opener adds luxury with its silent operation.

The elegant mailboxes outside your home make a statement too. They show you value quality and have a fine taste. Custom garage doors show your eye for detail and how much you care about your home’s look, right from the curb.

These doors make homes stand out, lifting the ordinary to extraordinary. They are key to making a great first impression. Our custom doors are clear signs of personal style and pride in homeownership.

The Tailored Touch: Custom Garage Door Options and Accessories

Infinity Garage Door proudly offers custom garage door options for every style. Our custom-built garage doors do more than open and close. They reflect your unique taste and meet your specific needs.

customized garage doors

We ensure the perfect mix of light and privacy with various window glass options. Choices include clear, obscure, frost, or dark tint. You can also pick the right section height – 18″, 21″, or 24″, to match your home’s look. Our doors are strong and secure and are offered in 24 to 27-gauge steel thickness.

Accessorizing Your Garage Door

We offer stylish garage door accessories too. Our products are durable and designed to handle different wind loads. You can choose from many colors, like True White or Charcoal Gray, ensuring a perfect match for your home. We provide a lifetime paint warranty and a five-year hardware warranty, showing our dedication to quality.

Custom Operational Features

Our customized garage doors, with special operational features, make your life easier. Insulated windows help save energy, keeping your home cozy. Since starting in 1971, Williams Door Co. has included top brands like Amarr and Liftmaster in our growing lineup. Our focus on customer satisfaction and fast service has earned us rave reviews.

Choosing Infinity Garage Door means you get a combination of customizable options, durability, and smart accessories. This makes your garage door more than just functional. It becomes a style statement and a smart energy-saving choice.

Our unique garage doors features offer the extra quiet operation of custom garage doors without the need for garage door maintenance.

Discover the Durability of High-Quality Garage Doors

At Infinity Garage Door, we are all about high-quality garage doors. Our selection showcases doors that last and last. We use tough 24-ga. steel for most of our doors, ensuring they’re strong. For even more strength, we provide doors in 26- and 28-ga. steel. This way, your garage door will meet your needs perfectly.

High-Quality Garage Door

We know warranties matter when it comes to durability. That’s why our steel garage doors have a 10-year warranty to start. Some even come with a lifetime warranty. Our custom wood doors also stand out with a 15-year warranty, far beyond the usual one-year.

Our plastic garage doors are super durable, with warranties of 20 years or more. They look great and enhance your home’s safety. Since garage doors can be 30 percent of your home’s front, they boost curb appeal and home value.

We partner with brands like Clopay for customizable windows in your garage door. This makes your home look unique. These doors are also strong against extreme weather, thanks to WindCode® ratings. This is crucial for places like Florida, especially during the hurricane season. We take safety seriously, including features like Wayne-Dalton’s WayneGard to protect fingers.

We care about the details, too. We suggest oiling torsion springs twice a year. Our track options, from galvanized to powder-coated steel tracks, suit any garage design. Realtors say a new, quality garage door can even help sell your home faster. It’s a smart investment.

Working with Infinity Garage Door means you value the beauty and durability of your garage door. Partnering with Apple Garage Doors, who’ve been excellent for over 30 years, shows our commitment. Our experience ensures your garage door will be beautiful and functional for years.

Custom Garage Door Company in Las Vegas Valley

Are you looking for a top custom garage door company in Las Vegas? Infinity Garage Door serves homeowners across the Valley. We’re among the best in a list of 135 garage door repair companies. We’re a leading choice among 89 garage door providers thanks to our craftsmanship and innovation. We’re proud to be in the top 20, showing our commitment to quality and service.

Our clients love our work, and it shows in their feedback. For example, Pacific Experts Garage Door Service has a perfect 5.0 rating from 55 Yelp reviews. Upright Garage Door Services also shines with a 5.0 rating from 49 Yelp reviews and 16 on Facebook reviews. Kurbsyde Garage Doors gets top marks too, with great scores on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. This proves our attention to detail and customer service set us apart. All our custom garage doors are high quality garage doors.

Las Vegas Valley garage doors

We focus on excellence in everything we do. Infinity Garage Door offers a unique experience. We make doors with passion and quality. HNS Garage Doors and Sun City Garage Doors are examples of high standards in the area. They have great reviews and showcase the excellence we strive for in Las Vegas Valley.

At Infinity Garage Door, we cater to your unique style and needs. Our Infinity Garage Door contact line is 702-890-3611. We blend tradition with innovation. City Garage Door and Lift Tech Garage Door Repair are also highly rated. They show the quality and positive feedback we aim for.

Infinity Garage Door: Combining Craftsmanship and Innovation

We stand out with our personalized service. Our doors reflect our skills and our clients’ desires. Know that your custom garage doors are crafted by a company passionate about quality and innovation.

Contact Us: Infinity Garage Door at 702-890-3611

Reach out to Infinity Garage Door for a consultation or service. Join our happy client family. Enjoy long-lasting, beautiful custom garage doors. Homeowners across Las Vegas Valley trust us. Learn how we can improve your home with the right garage door solution. Explore Las Vegas Valley garage doors.

Custom Garage Door Pricing: Investment and Value

At Infinity Garage Door, we get that custom garage door pricing is a big deal when fixing up your home. It’s not just the upfront cost. It’s about investing in garage doors that boost your home’s worth, keep it safe, and make it look great. Let’s break down the costs and value you’ll get from your custom garage door.

custom garage door pricing infographic

Understanding Custom Garage Door Costs

Custom garage doors can cost anywhere from $850 to $5,500. The average cost for installing one is around $1,200. The price changes based on the door type—carriage style is pricier at $5,500, while basic panel doors are cheaper at $550. The material also affects the price. For example, steel doors are $600 to $2,000, but faux wood doors are $950 to $4,100. And size plays a part; a single-car garage door costs $500 to $2,500, but a three-car garage door can go up to $7,000.

Don’t forget about installation and upkeep costs. Installation usually runs between $200 to $500 per door. Also, a manual door is cheaper than an automatic door, which has extra costs for its automation features.

Even with these expenses, custom garage doors can greatly increase your home’s value. They come with perks like smart tech, energy savings, and better security. These features can save you money, up your home’s resale value, and make it safer.

Financing Options for Your Garage Door Project

We believe top-notch quality should be affordable. That’s why we have garage door financing options to fit your budget. This way, you won’t have to skimp on your garage door’s quality or features. A custom garage door is a smart long-term investment. With our flexible financing, it’s an achievable goal for homeowners.

We’re all about value and making solutions that are functional and durable. Investing in custom garage doors is more than boosting your home’s look. It’s about adding security, efficiency, and a welcoming vibe to your place.

Thinking about a custom garage door? Let’s chat about your options. We’ll help make sure your investment is smart and brings lasting value to your home.


Las Vegas is known for its vibrant scenes, where a good first impression counts a lot. Infinity Garage Door is dedicated to improving how your home looks from the street with our unique Custom garage doors. We have a strong track record for top-quality custom solutions. This is backed by our promise of customer happiness.

Choosing a custom garage door is not just about making your home look better. It can be a smart choice for homeowners. With a return on investment (ROI) of 96.8% in the Pacific region, it’s a wise upgrade. This can even help you sell your house faster, as many REALTORS® would agree.

Our focus is on creating doors that are not only beautiful but also feature the latest technology. About 9% of home break-ins happen in the garage, and we tackle this with advanced secure technologies like rolling code technology. Additionally, our wood garage doors aren’t just pretty. They also have high R-value insulation, whichmakes your home more comfortable and lowers heating and cooling costs.

For nearly 50 years, we’ve been committed to giving you doors that meet your specific needs. Whether it’s the classic look of carriage house doors, the clean lines of modern doors, or the durability of steel doors. Our products reflect our dedication to high standards. We’re proud of our Las Vegas roots. We invite you to join in our tradition. With us, your garage door will enhance your home’s beauty, safety, and energy efficiency.


What are the benefits of choosing custom garage doors from Infinity Garage Door?

Custom garage doors from Infinity Garage Door enhance the beauty of your Las Vegas home. They offer innovative security, superior quality, and craftsmanship, ensuring they last a long timeand perform well.

Can I personalize my garage door to match the architecture of my Las Vegas home?

Yes, you can. We offer many customization options for your Custom garage doors. Choose from different materials, styles, finishes, and designs. They will match your Las Vegas home’s look perfectly.

What modern design options are available for my custom garage door?

We provide modern design options, including sleek styles and full-view glass doors. Custom paint finishes are available,too. Our team is skilled at using the latest trends to design your unique garage door and full view garage door.

Are customizable garage doors also secure?

Yes, they are. Our customizable garage doors are made with advanced security features. We ensure your home’s safety and style. These features give you peace of mind without sacrificing looks.

How does Infinity Garage Door ensure the quality of their custom garage doors?

Our custom garage doors are made to high standards using the best materials, making them strong, dependable, and durable. Our long-standing reputation shows our commitment to quality.

What styles of custom garage doors does Infinity Garage Door offer?

Many garage door styles are available, like elegant wood and modern aluminum. You can also choose robust steel and sophisticated glass. There’s a perfect match for every Las Vegas homeowner.

How are glass garage doors from Infinity Garage Door crafted?

Our glass garage doors are made using advanced techniques and top materials. We focus on careful crafting and installation. This makes our glass doors strong and beautiful. They offer elegance without losing performance.

Does Infinity Garage Door offer financing for custom garage door projects?

Yes, we offer financing options for your custom garage door project. We know the importance of this investment. This helps you achieve your custom door goals without sacrificing quality or design.

Can Infinity Garage Door assist with custom garage door installation in specific neighborhoods like Summerlin?

Definitely. We do custom garage door installations in Summerlin and other Las Vegas areas. Our team focuses on precise fitting and professional service. This matches the unique architecture and character of each home.

Are there options for customizing the mechanics and operation of my garage door?

We provide custom features to improve your garage door’s functionality. This includes high-tech accessories and decorative hardware. They can be tailored to fit your specific needs and lifestyle.

What should I expect to invest in a custom garage door from Infinity Garage Door?

The cost of a custom garage door varies with design and materials. We give detailed pricing to ensure clarity. This helps you understand the investment and value our premium doors add to your home.

How do I get started with my custom garage door project?

To start your custom garage door project, contact Infinity Garage Door at 702-890-3611. Our team will guide you through a consultation. We’ll discuss your preferences and project details, offering expert advice every step of the way.

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