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An unbalanced garage door is a potential threat to pets and young ones at home because it often gets shut way too quickly. It also puts excess undue stress on various parts of the door concerned with its opening and closing. To get rid of this not-so-pleasant issue let’s run through quick tips to adjust an uneven garage door & ensure that it continues to run safely. In case you find it tricky get help from expert garage door repair NV to fix it.

Step 1. Test the Door

Start by testing the door to figure out how much of the garage door is unbalanced. To test the door move it up and down until the point where the door remains suspended is found. It’s alarming & balancing is needed if this point is measured four feet or less from the ground.

Step 2. Keep the Door Open

The garage door shall be kept a couple of feet off the ground to take some pressure off it. Using a stool or ladder is advisable so that it doesn’t get closed accidentally when working on it. Never use a stick as wind, and animals can knock the stick off. It is unreliable and dangerous.

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Step 3. Adjust the Spring Within the Track Hanger

To repair the unbalanced garage door NV, another effective solution is to adjust the spring. Be careful and make sure that the spring is free of any tension before it is removed from the hanger. Either the door will close too quickly or open too quickly. If it’s closing too quickly place the spring over to the next hole on the bracket otherwise move it to a lower hole. Follow the same instructions on both sides of the door.

Step 4. Make Sure the Door Closes Evenly

Use a level tool to determine that both sides of the garage door are touching the ground evenly. If not, adjust the spring tension until it does close evenly.

Step 5. Adjust the Lift Cable

Just lift the cables for finer adjustments to the alignment. This is effective because the cable is directly appended to the S-hook & it attaches to the track support. First, open the door, and tighten the then the built-in support mechanism by removing the S-hook. Loosen the cable if required.


Balancing an unbalanced garage door on your own might help save some money. However, we recommend that you hire a team of professionals from Infinity Garage to make sure that it is done properly and safely. Apart from this, other services like garage door weather stripping, garage door repair NV, new installation, etc are offered by them.

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