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Are you considering installing a garage door opener for your home? It is very natural for any homeowner to look for ways to save some money. Many consider performing their home improvement projects by themselves with the same intention. The process of installing a garage door or a garage door opener may seem easy and straightforward for DIY methods, but if you do not have enough knowledge, skill, and patience, you should refrain from doing them. Besides, these tasks not only require special skills, but you also need to get your hands on the specialized tools. If you do not qualify the requirements, you might end up hurting yourself or install a faulty system. Let us get a better perspective on this matter in this article.

Why You Should Avoid Doing It Yourself

If you plan to do it yourself for the first time, you should know that it can be risky to take up such works in your own hands without proper knowledge or tools. Apart from these, some of the common drawbacks of DIY projects are as follows.

Safety: Performing such tasks without any professional supervision can prove fatal for yourself. Garage doors and garage door springs are cumbersome objects to be handled by a single person without professional skills. Only the qualified and certified technicians working with different garage door services are eligible to do such work.

Lack of knowledge and tools: Installing a garage door requires various specialized tools like a cordless drill, socket or racket set, level, adjustable wrench, etc. Unless you are quite a handyman, you won’t have these at your home and buy or rent them from the local stores and learn how to use them. Hiring professional services eliminates all these hazards and saves a lot of your time.

Cost: If you calculate the entire cost of the materials, tools, and training, you will find that the total cost is nothing less than hiring professionals. Even they can exceed your budget. Moreover, after all the money, time, and effort, you will be left with a substandard finishing.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

First of all, hiring professionals for installing garage door openers has a long-term benefit for the door itself and your home’s safety also. Only the professionals know how to follow the guidelines provided by industry standards and manufacturers.

Quality: You cannot compete with the quality of the products and services of a professional in every means. They make sure your garage door has along with life with providing an effective warranty plan for future services.

Timely Services: You have to rely on the professionals if you want a prompt and timely delivery of the garage door opener installation since they have the most expert skills over their job. They know how to do their work smoothly and seamlessly. So, hiring professionals is always preferable if you want fast service.

Trained expert service: The professionals do similar works every day for years. So, imagine the level of expertise and skill they have. If you ignore the knowledge factor that they have, you cannot ignore their experience and skills.

Steps to Install a Garage Door Opener

If you still want to go with the DIY plan, here is a brief step-by-step guide on installing a garage door opener. Firstly, let’s make a list of the tools and materials you will need to begin the installation process.


  • Power drills
  • Ratchet & socket combination sets
  • Tape measures
  • Open end wrenches
  • Screwdriver set


  • Garage door opener
  • Lag bolts
  • Garage door opener access

Step-by-step guide:

  • Lay down all the parts of the opener that came with it.
  • Assemble them, following the manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Install blocking on the ceiling to hang the opener from the top.
  • Find the connection point of the garage door and attach the bracket to the door.
  • Slant the assembly above the garage door (opposite to the compartment for the motor).
  • Lift and install the power unit up into its place.
  • Attach the brackets on the garage door.

Concluding Words

In conclusion, our advice would be to hire professionals whenever you plan to do any garage door services. You will be able to find many agencies and companies in your area who provide such services. If you are in Las Vegas, Infinity Garage Doors is one of the industry’s leading companies, working with a positive reputation for years. They can solve all your garage door problems with their certified and experienced professionals. Get your free quotation today, and plan a hazard-free service.

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