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As we all know that garage doors boost our home’s safety as improves the home’s value and appearance. So, you need to maintain it and inspect the garage door if it’s operating well or it’s failing most of the safety tests.

Sometimes you would get dents in your garage doors, which would give a bad look to your house. There can be many reasons that you got dents in your garage door. It might be because of heavy hail, or you accidentally bumped your car, etc. If you’re using aluminum or steel garage doors, then you would see that they would easily get dents. Most people use it because it’s less expensive and needs low maintenance. If you got multiple dents in your garage door and urgently need help the finding a garage door maintenance in Las Vegas won’t be an issue.

To What Extent is the Garage Door Damage?

There are various ways you can fix the dent. But before that, you need to look at the condition of your garage door. To what extent it has been damaged. Do you need the help of a professional? If you’re having a hard time opening the garage door, then you need to seek the help of garage door maintenance in Las Vegas. If the dint is manageable, then you can fix it at home. That way, you can cut down the cost of calling a technician for repairing.

Things You Would Need to Fix the Dent

Most of the things you need for repairs. You would easily find them in the garage, and the rest you can buy from the hardware store. These are the list of things you would need.

  • A medium-sized bucket.
  • For cleaning the cleaning keyboards, you need a can of compressed air.
  • A large sponge is similar to the one that is used for cleaning the car.
  • Any dish soap.
  • Ultra-thick heavy-duty aluminum foil roll.
  • A tube.
  • Lighter, such as a BIC lighter for candles or grill.

Follow These Steps to Get Rid of the Dint

First, you need to fill the bucket with lukewarm water with the help of a hose. Add dish soap to and start cleaning the dented area with the help of a large sponge. Before going to the next step, you need to completely dry the area.

Secondly, you need to measure the length of the affected area and get the same measure for the aluminum foil as well. Make sure that there’s enough aluminum foil as you may need it again. Keep it within your reach.

Now, keep the compressed air can and the lighter nearby. Use your hand to hold the aluminum foil, which is kept against the dent.

You need to remove the aluminum foil from the area. Now, take the compressed air can and hold it upside down. Keeping the compressed air can upside down for 30 seconds, stray the dent. Remember that you must keep the can upside down. This ensures that the carbon dioxide is released, which helps in removing the dent.

Even after following all these steps, if the dent doesn’t go away, then you need to seek the help of commercial garage door maintenance in Las Vegas. If you need a major repair, then you need to replace the garage door panels for good. If you’re a professional and try to do it yourself, then you may harm yourself. So, it is advisable that you contact a quality garage door maintenance in Las Vegas.

Call for the Professionals

If you need any help, then you can contact Infinity Garage in Las Vegas. We are available 24×7 and one more thing we won’t charge you even during the weekends. We would be happy to provide you with our services. If you’ve any doubts, then you can visit our website for further details. You can also check the reviews of our existing customers. We are considered one of the best repair companies in the whole of Las Vegas. Call us if you want garage door maintenance, and we would also replace the door if you need it. Most people are satisfied with our services, and we are still trying to improve so that our customers would get the best service in Las Vegas.

Ultimate Guide to Repairing Dents in Your Garage Door


Discover the step-by-step guide to repairing dents in your garage door. Learn from the experts at Infinity Garage Door how to restore your garage door’s appearance and functionality with professional tips and tricks.


When it comes to maintaining a pristine and fully functional home, addressing the minor issues is as crucial as the major ones. One common problem homeowners face is dented garage doors. Not only can these dents be unsightly, but they can also affect the door’s operation and your home’s security. Infinity Garage Door, serving the vibrant community of Las Vegas at 702-890-3611, is here to guide you through the process of repairing these dents, ensuring your garage door looks and functions as good as new.


Understanding the Impact of Garage Door Dents


Dents in your garage door can arise from various incidents, from the accidental bump of a vehicle to the impact of harsh weather conditions. These dents can range from small, barely noticeable indentations to significant misshapen areas that hinder the door’s movement. Regardless of size, it’s essential to address these dents promptly to prevent further damage and maintain your home’s curb appeal.


Assessing the Damage


Before diving into repairs, assess the extent of the dent. If it’s minor, DIY methods might be sufficient. However, for larger or more complex dents, especially in doors with torsion springs or electrical components, professional assistance from a service like Infinity Garage Door is advisable to ensure safety and efficiency.


DIY Repair Methods


For minor dents, here are some DIY techniques you can try:

  1. The Heat and Cold Method:

    • Apply heat to the dented area using a heat gun or hairdryer.
    • After heating for a couple of minutes, cover the dent with compressed air for about 30 seconds. The rapid temperature change can cause the metal to contract and pop the dent out.
  2. The Plunger Method:

    • Wet the plunger and the dent.
    • Place the plunger over the dent and push and pull until the dent pops back into place.


Professional Repair Techniques


For more severe dents or doors made from materials not suitable for DIY repair, professional repair services are your best bet. Professionals from Infinity Garage Door, for example, will:

  1. Assess the damage and determine the best approach.
  2. Use specialized tools to massage or pull the dent out without damaging the door further.
  3. Ensure the door’s mechanics are intact and functioning correctly post-repair.


Preventive Measures and Maintenance


To prevent future dents:

  1. Keep Space: Ensure that the area around the garage door is clear of objects that could cause impact.
  2. Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect your garage door for any signs of wear and tear.
  3. Quality Material: Consider investing in a garage door made from more durable materials if dents become a frequent issue.


Why Choose Infinity Garage Door


Choosing the right professional service is crucial for efficient and long-lasting repairs. Infinity Garage Door offers:

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the industry, our technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle any garage door issue.
  • Customer Service: We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, offering timely and reliable services.
  • Local Understanding: Serving Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, we are familiar with common regional issues and how to address them effectively.


The Importance of Timely Repairs


Delaying garage door repairs can lead to increased security risks, higher energy bills due to poor insulation, and the potential for more severe damage that can be costlier to fix. By addressing dents as soon as they occur, you maintain the integrity and functionality of your garage door.


Final Thoughts


A dented garage door is a common issue that can be efficiently resolved with the right approach. Whether you opt for a DIY fix or professional service, the key is to act promptly and choose the method that best suits the severity of the dent and the type of your door.


If you’re in Las Vegas and need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to call Infinity Garage Door at 702-890-3611. We’re committed to restoring the functionality and appearance of your garage door, ensuring it continues to serve as a secure and visually pleasing entrance to your home.


Remember, a well-maintained garage door not only enhances curb appeal but also contributes to the overall value and security of your property. So, take the first step towards a flawless garage door today!

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