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Summerlin garage repair and installation services? Did you know garage door replacements can boost your home’s value in Las Vegas? In Summerlin, having a well-functioning garage door is crucial. It keeps your home looking great and preserves its value. At Infinity Garage Door, we proudly support our community with reliable repair services. We have a solid reputation, with over 350 reviews from top Las Vegas Garage Door Repair Companies. We have selected the best services to ensure every call to 702-890-3611 ends with a happy client.

Our team aims to be the top garage door repair option in Summerlin. Our wide experience covers both home and business services throughout Las Vegas Valley. Infinity Garage Door is here for you, ready to fix emergencies or overhaul your garage system. We offer dependable, quick, and professional service whenever needed.

Key Takeaways

  • Investing in garage door repair can significantly maintain the resale value of your Summerlin home.
  • Infinity Garage Door epitomizes Summerlin’s best garage repair services, with over a decade of dedicated work.
  • Our emergency garage repair services, Summerlin, are available 24/7, offering peace of mind whenever needed.
  • We are just a call away at 702-890-3611 for any repair, maintenance, or installation needs.
  • Through specialized services such as Summerlin garage door spring replacement, we ensure your system operates efficiently.
  • With a customer-focused approach, our service extends across Summerlin, offering transparent pricing and trusted expertise.
  • Our professional team is committed to delivering exceptional service with every call, making us a top choice for Summerlin garage repair.

Welcome to Infinity Garage Door: Your Trusted Partner in Summerlin

At Infinity Garage Door, we’re known as Summerlin’s top choice for garage door repair. Our deep roots in the Las Vegas Valley have built strong trust with our clients over the years.

Our team is known for their top skills and commitment. We promise to give unmatched quality, making us a key part of the community. We always aim to exceed your expectations and provide reliable garage solutions.

Need help? Infinity Garage Door is just a call away at 702-890-3611. We’re famed for being quick to respond and great at what we do, making us the go-to for garage repair in Summerlin. We’re here to ensure your garage doors are safe and fully operational. This shows our deep commitment to you and the Las Vegas Valley.

Why Choose Infinity Garage Door for Your Summerlin Garage Repair

Infinity Garage Door is top-notch when you need a reliable garage door repair service in Summerlin. We aim for excellence, ensuring emergency garage repair services in Summerlin that meet your specific needs. Our track record of enhancing homes and providing peace of mind stands out. We’re the leading choice for anyone’s garage repair requirements.

24/7 Availability and Rapid Response

Garage door problems can happen without warning, often at inconvenient times. That’s why our expert team is ready to help emergency garage repair services in Summerlin day and night. We offer fast service that keeps your home safe and secure, anytime you need it.

Professional Garage Repair Specialists Summerlin

Licensed and Experienced Technicians

Our team consists of professional garage repair specialists in Summerlin, not just ordinary handymen. With over ten years of experience, we’re skilled in solving various garage door issues. We guarantee top-quality work that meets your expectations.

High Customer Satisfaction with Positive Reviews

We are proud of the satisfaction and positive reviews from our customers. They have seen our work’s quality and dependability. Our focus on customer happiness and attention to detail has earned us high praise from homeowners like you.

Comprehensive Garage Door Services Tailored to Your Needs

In Summerlin, Infinity Garage Door is proud to offer a wide variety of garage door services. These services are tailored to meet the specific needs of homeowners and businesses alike. Our commitment to quality comes from years of experience and valuable customer feedback.

Garage Door Maintenance Services

Our journey in garage door maintenance is both analytical and detailed. This approach is based on a thorough examination of 135 providers. From these, only 89 curated providers met our high standards, with 20 top picks leading the way. We analyze 25 variables across five categories to ensure our team excels.

When it comes to summerlin garage door spring replacement, our team has unmatched experience. Our technicians have been in the field for 10+ to 30+ years, with some having over two decades of experience. This ensures every job is done with precision.

We know garage door issues don’t have a schedule, which is why we’re available 24/7. Our 24/7 emergency garage door services mean we’re here whenever you need us. Whether it’s late at night or early in the morning, you can count on us.

Our customers trust us, and their positive reviews reflect this. We have over 350 5.0-star Google reviews praising our services.

Our commitment extends to installation services as well. We strive to balance aesthetics and functionality perfectly. Our installations aim to improve the look and functionality of your Summerlin property.

With Infinity Garage Door, you get the best of our experience and customer-first philosophy. We focus on keeping your garage door working perfectly and ensuring your peace of mind. Our service is backed by positive feedback and a commitment to excellence.

Emergency Garage Repair Services in Summerlin: We're Here for You

Infinity Garage Door knows how urgent emergency garage repair services in Summerlin are. A broken garage door is a big deal. It affects your family’s safety and the protection of your stuff. That’s why we offer same-day service to fix your problems fast and well.

Emergency Garage Repair Services Summerlin

Our team is ready to help, providing secure and reliable fixes for sudden garage door issues. These problems can pop up at the worst times. Our mission is to quickly solve them, keeping your home safe.

Immediate Assistance for Garage Door Failures

No matter the time, day or night, our experts are just a call away. They come prepared with tools and parts for various garage door issues. Thanks to our experience, we quickly figure out the problem and fix it without wasting time.

Secure Your Home with Prompt Repairs

We’re devoted to your safety. We make sure your garage door works well and keeps out bad weather and unwanted guests. Rely on our emergency garage repair services in Summerlin for a safe, working garage door. Plus, enjoy the perk of same-day service.

In a garage door crisis? Infinity Garage Door is by your side. We’re ready to ensure your home stays secure without delay.

Quality Garage Door Installation: Elevate Your Summerlin Home Aesthetics

At Infinity Garage Door, we offer more than just garage door installation. We improve the curb appeal of Summerlin homes too. Our family business has deep roots in Clark County. We add a personal touch to every garage door we set up.

garage door installation in Summerlin

We aim to enhance your home’s beauty and function with a wide variety of styles. These styles match Summerlin’s diverse architecture. Our firm reputation comes from delivering reliable, high-quality service. Plus, everything we do is backed by a strong warranty.

Transparency is crucial to us, so we offer free estimates for new garage doors. This applies to Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin residents. We also give away free nylon garage door rollers with any spring replacement. It makes your garage door work smoothly.

We serve all of Clark County, bringing top-notch commercial and garage door services. Places we cover include Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City, among others. Our skilled team has earned high ratings on Angi, making us a leading installation choice.

Experts like Robert H and Patrick G have received a 5.0 rating for their outstanding work. Martin P and Paul C bring valuable experience, delivering exceptional service. Others, like EMILY H and Conni M B, are highly trusted by Angi users.

We aim to make garage door installation easy and worry-free for you. Infinity Garage Door ensures your home stands out in Summerlin. For premier service and craftsmanship, choose us to elevate your home’s aesthetics.

Affordable Garage Repair Summerlin: Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Costs

At Infinity Garage Door, we know how important affordable garage repair Summerlin services are to our community. That’s why we offer transparent pricing right from the start. You won’t find any hidden costs with us. We believe in providing good value without cutting corners on quality.

Affordable Garage Repair Summerlin

Summerlin’s growth, like Touchstone’s, shows a commitment to affordability in housing. This has led to a sales boom and more affordable homes. In the same way, we are committed to giving you the best value. We make sure every garage repair or installation is done perfectly.

Our approach to pricing is clear and simple. First, we figure out the problem, then we give you a full quote. Our prices always match the work needed to fix your garage door. So, you can trust in getting a service that’s both cost-effective and top-notch.

Looking at home sales in Summerlin South, it’s clear that fast sales mean people want quality but at a good price. We provide garage repair services that enhance your home’s value affordably. This way, you’re always ready for Summerlin’s lively property market.

No matter if you’re in Red Rock Country Club at Summerlin or near the bustling city centers, we offer consistent and reliable service. Thanks to our clear pricing and focus on affordability, everyone in Summerlin can get top-quality garage repair.

The Importance of Regular Garage Door Maintenance: How We Can Help

Expert garage door maintenance in Summerlin NV

Garage door maintenance is vital for your home’s safety and comfort. At Infinity Garage Door Repair in Summerlin, NV, we focus on making your garage door last longer. Our team has years of experience in boosting the durability of garage door systems.

A garage door can last up to 45 years. However, heavy use, quality of installation, and Summerlin’s weather can speed up damage. You might notice your door making more noise, moving slower, or looking worn. These are signs it might need fixing or replacing soon.

We’re your local experts at Infinity Garage Door Repair, and we’re big on prevention. We aim to keep your garage door in top shape for a long time. We offer everything from simple upkeep to checking for potential damage, so your door stays safe and works well.

Regular checks by our professional team are an investment in your garage door’s future. They help catch issues early, saving you money on extensive repairs later. Let Infinity Garage Door Repair ensure your door’s longevity and performance. We’re dedicated to top-notch service in the Las Vegas area and are always ready to assist you.

Summerlin Garage Door Spring Replacement by Infinity Garage Door Experts

Expert Summerlin Garage Door Spring Replacement

At Infinity Garage Door, we know how important your garage door is in Summerlin. Garages are not just for cars. They’re spaces for hobbies and activities too. Many Americans spend 1 to 2 hours a week in their garages. That’s why our expert technicians work hard to provide high-quality springs for your Summerlin garage door spring replacement.

We aim for the best results and pride ourselves on our service quality. Our trained experts are recognized by the Nevada State Contractors Board. They work to make sure your service experience is excellent. This reflects in our top reviews on Yelp and other platforms.

Choosing us means you value customer happiness. Our garage door spring replacement process is tailored to Summerlin homeowners. About 92% of them want garages for two or three cars. We replace old and broken springs quickly and safely. This lets you use a well-working garage door with little wait.

We are committed to sending expert technicians for your garage door spring replacement. It’s our way of ensuring top-quality service. Our team follows the best practices in the industry. We have helped many clients, from big brands to newer services. Our focus on customers makes us stand out just like top companies in Las Vegas.

If you need high-quality springs and garage door spring replacement in Summerlin, contact Infinity Garage Door. We’re eager to work with you to make sure your garage door is in top shape. Call us for an estimate. Many homeowners trust our unmatched services.

Best Garage Repair Services in Summerlin: What Sets Us Apart

Infinity Garage Door is known as the top-rated garage repair company in Summerlin. We’re recognized for our outstanding services and hard work. Out of 135 providers, we chose the top 89 based on strict standards. Being in the top 20 and licensed by the Nevada State Contractors Board shows our dedication to being the best.

We’re different because we work with honesty and professionalism. With some services like Apple Garage Door Service boasting ten years and Nevada Garage Doors over 15 years of experience, we’re amidst giants. Yet, Infinity Garage Door shines with over 30 years of knowledge in the field.

We offer solutions that fit each home’s unique needs in Summerlin, making us the best garage repair services in Summerlin. With fair pricing, guaranteed work, and a wide selection for homes and businesses, we lead the market.

Custom Garage Door Solutions for Unique Homes

At Infinity Garage Door, we understand that your home is as unique as you are. We offer premium custom garage doors to enhance your home’s functionality and style. Here’s why you should consider our Las Vegas custom garage doors:

  1. Increased Home Value:

    • Custom features can increase a home’s value by up to 25%.
    • Our bespoke garage doors are functional and add elegance and curb appeal.
  2. Nearly Five Decades of Excellence:

    • With nearly six years of experience, Infinity Garage Door offers Las Vegas the highest-quality custom garage doors.
    • Our doors are more than just entryways; they reflect your unique style and provide security.
  3. Tailored Solutions:

    • We’re stepping into 2024 with innovative door designs catering to your needs.
    • Whether you’re looking for wood, steel, aluminum, glass, or fiberglass doors, we’ve got you covered.
  4. Seamless Integration:

    • Our team ensures seamless integration of your custom garage door with your home’s existing structure.
    • We add value through improved curb appeal while maintaining durability and functionality.
  5. Energy-Smart Options:

    • Choose from materials that suit your style preferences and budget.
    • Our doors are available in wood, steel, aluminum, glass, or fiberglass.
    • Insulated materials keep your home’s climate steady and save you money on energy costs.
  6. Cutting-Edge Features:

    • Explore excellent tech options like smart openers and Wi-Fi control for convenience.
    • Safety features include photo-eye sensors and backup batteries for added security.
  7. Trustworthy Service:

    • Infinity Garage Door is committed to elevating your experience with cutting-edge services.
    • Our skilled professionals ensure expert guidance throughout the installation process.

Contact us today to discuss your unique garage door needs, and let us create a door that makes your home shine with elegance! 

Remember, your garage door is more than just an entrance—a statement of style and security. Let us help you make it exceptional!

Best Garage Repair Services Summerlin

We’re known in Local and Featured Classifieds and loved in the community. We aim to keep our high standards and be the best garage repair services in Summerlin. For questions or to book a service, call us at (702) 660-5575. Remember, excellence is just a call away.

Top-Rated Garage Repair Company Summerlin: Stories of Exceptional Service

At Infinity Garage Door, we are known for amazing service. This has made us a top-rated garage repair company in Summerlin. Our hard work has gained the trust of our customers. They have given us satisfied clients and 5-star reviews.

Exceptional garage repair service in Summerlin

We know how important quick help is. So, we offer service on the same day. This means we’re here for you any time, without extra charges at night or on weekends. These policies show why we’re leaders in our field. We always stick to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Prices can be a big worry for families. We stand out by having good prices. While others might charge a lot, our team can do the job for a lot less, starting at $175. Plus, our work is licensed and insured, showing we meet high standards.

We also reward our customers with special coupons. A free estimate is always available. We are clear about our prices upfront, making everything transparent. Our services are affordable. For example, steel garage doors cost between $1,000 to $3,000 and we fix broken springs for about $350.

Our service is quick. We often fix garage doors by noon if you call in the morning. We serve many areas, including Summerlin.

We’ve helped improve Summerlin, like the Tri Pointe Homes in Kings Canyon did. We’re proud of our customer rating and Houzz badges. These show our quality.

These stories show why we’re a top-rated garage repair company in Summerlin. Every call we get is a chance to provide exceptional service and make our satisfied clients even happier.

Professional Garage Repair Specialists Summerlin: Meet Our Team

We’re proud of our history of top-notch service in Summerlin and the surrounding areas. Our team consists of experienced and professional garage repair specialists. They’re known for their commitment to quality. Our success is built on our team’s vast expertise. They all aim to deliver the best in every project.

We’ve been named one of the top garage door repair specialists in Summerlin. This title comes after careful reviews and detailed scoring. We were chosen among the top 20 after evaluating over 25 variables across five categories.

What makes the Infinity Garage Door team stand out is not only our license, like License: 0085827. It’s also our 5.0 rating on Yelp from happy clients. We understand every garage door is unique, just like each home. Choosing us means you get advice tailored to your needs, backed by 135 reviews.

We’ve earned high praise on Yelp, Facebook, Google, and HomeAdvisor. These awards are great, but they mean more than that to us. They show we’re your reliable professional garage repair specialists in Summerlin. We don’t just promise excellent service. We guarantee your satisfaction always.

Save on Your Next Garage Door Repair with Our Special Discounts

At Infinity Garage Door, we understand that budget management is crucial for home upkeep. We’re pleased to present exclusive discounts and awesome Summerlin garage repair offers. These deals help both new and returning clients save money. We promise to provide great value without sacrificing the excellent quality we’re known for.

Exclusive Offers for New Clients

Joining Infinity Garage Door’s family of happy customers starts with a warm welcome. And a good welcome includes special price cuts! We’re happy to offer exclusive discounts to our new clients for their garage door repair needs.

Seasonal Promotions for Summerlin Residents

For the folks living in Summerlin, we go beyond just saying we value your trust. We offer seasonal promotions to show our gratitude for your year-round trust. Keep an eye out for our latest deals to enjoy big cost savings. We want you to be happy with every repair or installation service.


At Infinity Garage Door, we’re always aiming for the top in customer satisfaction within the Summerlin garage repair scene. Our commitment to quality service and putting our customers first has built us a stellar reputation. With over 30 years of experience, our deep understanding of garage door systems and a customer-first mindset make us stand out.

The garage door maintenance and repair field is full of competition. Yet, Infinity Garage Door stands out. We are experts not only in fixing doors but also in building relationships. Every service call ends with a door that looks great and works perfectly. Earning trust is hard, and we’re honored when the Summerlin area calls us at 702-890-3611 for reliable service, anytime.

In the bustling Las Vegas garage door repair market, we’ve seen something interesting. The best companies focus on both technical skills and meaningful customer interactions. At Infinity Garage Door, we’re all about detail and being available 24/7 for emergencies. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

We’re proud of our commitment to quality and our clients. Observing the industry’s growth is inspiring. 

We’re motivated by companies like Apple Garage Door Repair who prioritize customers just like we do. When we see the Summerlin South Community Association’s meetings, like the Delegate Election or the Annual Meeting, we remember our role in protecting homes and community values.

We’re incredibly thankful to our clients in Summerlin and beyond for trusting Infinity Garage Door with your repairs. This bond pushes us toward outstanding service and fulfillment. Next time you need a garage door fix, call 702-890-3611. You’ll reach a team known for its reliability in the Summerlin garage repair world.

Contact Us at Infinity Garage Door for Service Excellence

If you’re in Summerlin and need top-notch garage door service, Infinity Garage Door is here for you. We are deeply committed to your happiness and known for our excellent services. We’re ready 24/7 to tackle any garage door issues you might have. Just call us at 702-890-3611, and our team will quickly and efficiently meet your needs.

We promise fast, reliable solutions that last. No matter the problem, our experts are up for the challenge. Choosing Infinity Garage Door means picking a partner who cares as much about your space as you do. If you have questions or need our services, we’re always just a phone call away.

Service excellence is key at Infinity Garage Door. We invite you to call us and see our quality service for yourself. Your call gives us a chance to show why we’re the top choice in Summerlin. Contact us now to become one of our many happy customers. We promise quality, dependability, and unbeatable customer service.


How can Infinity Garage Door assist with garage door repair in Summerlin?

Infinity Garage Door handles all garage door needs, including repairs, maintenance, and new installations. Our team is available 24/7 for any emergency needs. You can quickly reach us at 702-890-3611.

Why should I choose Infinity Garage Door for my garage door issues in Summerlin?

Choosing us means you get a top-rated service available any time. Our technicians are skilled and experienced. They ensure high customer satisfaction. We prioritize excellence and quick responses.

What kind of emergency garage door services does Infinity Garage Door offer in Summerlin?

We provide immediate help for sudden garage door failures. Our same-day service keeps your home safe. We aim for fast and reliable repairs, ensuring your door works well.

Can Infinity Garage Door help enhance the curb appeal of my home through garage door installation?

Yes, our installation services boost your home’s look besides meeting functional needs. We help pick the right style and material. This choice boosts your home’s appeal.

Are garage door repairs and services from Infinity Garage Door affordable for Summerlin residents?

Yes. We’re committed to affordable services with clear pricing. Our repairs and maintenance solutions are budget-friendly. There are no hidden charges.

How important is regular garage door maintenance and can Infinity Garage Door assist with that?

Regular maintenance is key to your door’s long life. We help with detailed checks and fixes. This prevents big problems and costly repairs later.

What sets Infinity Garage Door apart as a provider of garage repair services in Summerlin?

We’re a top choice in Summerlin due to advanced equipment and new repair methods. Our tailored service and dedication to satisfaction make us stand out.

Does Infinity Garage Door offer any special discounts or promotions for garage door services?

Yes, we offer exclusive discounts and promotions. These are for both new and returning customers. Our deals save you money without cutting quality.

How can I contact Infinity Garage Door for my garage door repair needs?

Contact us at 702-890-3611 for any garage door services. Our team provides expert, prompt, and professional help. We’re committed to your satisfaction.

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