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Welcome to our exclusive guide to Summerlin Las Vegas, NV, a meticulously crafted slice of desert paradise blooming on the western edge of the glittering Las Vegas metropolis. As seasoned connoisseurs of this master-planned community, we’re excited to share the luxurious side of Summerlin, NV with you. Immerse yourself in a realm where the serenity of the desert landscape envelops exclusive homes, top schools contribute to the stellar reputation of the neighborhood, and community events fill the calendar with a vivacity uniquely Summerlin’s.

Indulge your palate with an array of distinguished dining experiences that align with the area’s prestige. Let us be your beacon through the dynamic lifestyle that awaits in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV. Whether you’re considering making a move or are simply curious about the allure of this oasis, our guide to Summerlin 2024 is the quintessential resource for everything this premier neighborhood has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the high-end lifestyle and plush neighborhoods that make Summerlin a top-ranked residential area
  • Learn about the exclusive homes in Summerlin, tailored for those who appreciate finer living
  • Explore the educational landscape boasting some of the top schools in the Las Vegas Valley
  • Soak up local culture with a rich tapestry of events that epitomize the thriving Summerlin community spirit
  • Savor the guide to Summerlin 2024, your essential companion to navigating this Las Vegas jewel

Welcome to the Master-Planned Community of Summerlin

Welcome to Summerlin Las Vegas, NV, the epitome of a master-planned community where every street corner, park, and residence is designed with a high quality of life in mind. Here, we embrace the essence of living well, offering residents an unparalleled blend of comfort, elegance, and recreational opportunities that cater to any lifestyle. As proud advocates of this desert jewel, we’re here to guide you through the many facets that make Summerlin an exceptional place to call home.

Our stunning community is more than a collection of homes; it is a carefully crafted experience meant to exceed your expectations at every turn. From the delicately manicured landscapes to the expanse of parks, walkways, and trails, every element is a testament to the vision of creating an environment that fosters enjoyment and relaxation. The proximity to the regal Red Rock National Recreation Area offers an outdoor escape where beauty and serenity go hand in hand.

Imagine waking up to the sun-kissed peaks of the Spring Mountains and winding down your day with a leisurely walk through the network of trails that connect our neighborhoods. Summerlin isn’t just a place to live; it’s a playground for the soul where nature’s beauty inspires daily living. The vast selection of recreational amenities, from world-class golf courses to multipurpose parks, ensures that every day is as active or serene as you choose.

Recreational FeatureDescriptionBenefit to Residents
Golf CoursesChampionship courses such as the Bear’s Best Golf Course, designed by Jack NicklausBreathtaking views and a golfer’s paradise
Parks and TrailsExpansive parks like Gardens Park and over 150 miles of connected trailsAccess to outdoor activities and nature’s splendor within walking distance
Red Rock National Recreation AreaA majestic conservation area is known for its hiking, rock climbing, and scenic drivesAn adventurous retreat that’s just a stone’s throw away from home
Community CentersState-of-the-art facilities offering various programs and eventsEngagement and enrichment through community-driven activities

As we navigate through Summerlin’s boulevards and neighborhoods, it’s evident that this is a sanctuary where one can truly thrive. It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of Summerlin’s story an evolving tale of a master-planned community that continues to define luxury living in Las Vegas. We invite you to join us in this remarkable journey and discover how Summerlin can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Discovering the Luxury Homes of Summerlin Las Vegas NV

Luxurious Homes in Summerlin Las Vegas NV

As we delve into the radiance of Summerlin, it becomes apparent why luxury homes in this Las Vegas enclave are coveted. It’s not simply about the homes but the harmonious blend of architectural aesthetics and exclusive amenities that set them apart. Behind the gates of these prestigious communities lie sanctuaries of serenity and splendor, offering an elevated living experience to those who value refinement and privacy.

Architectural Aesthetics of Summerlin Homes

In Summerlin, the luxury residences sport more than mere curb appeal; they are architectural affirmations of beauty and innovation. The Ridges, for instance, serves as a canvas for architectural masterpieces that effortlessly complement the stunning backdrops of the Las Vegas Strip and Red Rock Canyon. Here, organic materials merge with modern designs to create homes that are as much about the visual experience as comfort and sophistication.

Features Defining Luxury Homes in Summerlin

The concept of luxury homes in Summerlin Las Vegas transcends standard living spaces. It’s exemplified in magnificent communities such as Mesa Ridge by Toll Brothers, where the union of design and nature is visible in every home’s panorama of mountain and valley vistas. The Red Rock Country Club offers more than luxury; it’s a lifestyle with private golf courses and facilities that embody the epitome of a country club existence, all set within the picturesque landscape of the Las Vegas Valley.

  • The Ridges: Astounding vistas, exclusive golf, and a sense of secluded community
  • Mesa Ridge: Breathtaking views paired with resort-style amenities and customized residences
  • Red Rock Country Club: An enchanting escape offering elite recreational facilities and grand homes

What truly distinguishes these homes is the attention to detail in every aspect, from the majestic entrances and expansive living areas to the outdoor spaces where every sunset becomes a cinematic experience. Embrace the luxury of space, the tranquility of exclusive amenities, and the assurance of privacy and security. Join us as we explore more splendid facets of Summerlin luxury living.

Exploring Summerlin's Top-Tier Education Facilities

Our trek through the vibrant Summerlin Las Vegas, NV community brings us to the heart of its academic prestige. Esteemed for fostering education excellence, Summerlin is home to an array of schools known for their rigorous curricula and innovative learning environments. As we delve deeper, it’s clear that the top schools in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV, are pivotal landmarks that contribute immensely to the community’s allure, particularly for families prioritizing superior education.

A shared commitment to cultivating intellect and character in young students sets these renowned institutions apart. As we converse with local families, the consistent acclaim for Clark County schools in Summerlin stands out, further solidifying the neighborhood’s reputation as an education hub within the greater Las Vegas region.

Renowned Schools in the Summerlin Community

Let’s introduce you to some of the stellar educational institutions that dot the landscape of Summerlin. These schools not only excel academically but are esteemed pillars within the community:

  • The Adelson Educational Campus: This private institution offers a blend of rigorous academics and a nurturing environment.
  • Bishop Gorman High School: A beacon of academic excellence, this Catholic school is known for its impressive college preparatory programs.
  • West Career & Technical Academy: An innovative public school that equips students with skills for both higher education and technical careers.
  • Doral Academy: A network of charter schools focusing on arts integration and technology, preparing students for a vibrant, dynamic future.

Education Excellence: A Closer Look at Summerlin's Institutions

Our pursuit of educational refinement in Summerlin unveils institutions that provide extensive resources and exceptional teaching methodologies. Every classroom in this community reflects a world-class standard, a truth we see materialized in their graduates, who are ready to engage with life’s challenges intelligently and passionately. The Clark County schools within our borders embody innovation and dedication and are torchbearers who lead by example.

We observe that Summerlin’s commitment to academic prowess goes beyond the classroom walls as schools here encourage involvement in extracurricular activities, sports, and the arts, providing a well-rounded education that cultivates balanced, resourceful individuals. Such an empowered educational framework is one that potential residents with an eye for scholarly distinction seek eagerly, knowing that their children’s intellectual and personal growth is in capable hands within the Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV community.

Summerlin Real Estate Agents: Your Local Property Experts

Expert Summerlin Real Estate Agents

Embarking on the journey to find your dream home in Summerlin, you might soon discover that navigating the housing market is complex. That’s where Summerlin real estate agents come into play: your local property experts in one of Las Vegas’s most sought-after communities. Specializing in everything from practical townhomes to opulent luxury real estate in Summerlin, these agents are the torchbearers who light your path to the perfect residence.

We understand that your home is not just a place to reside. It’s where your life unfolds. That’s why our team of knowledgeable real estate professionals strives to present you with a curated selection of housing options in Summerlin. Whether you’re drawn to the cozy ambiance of a modern condo or the grandeur of a sprawling estate, your visions of home are transformed into reality with the guidance of your dedicated real estate agent.

With an intimate understanding of the Summerlin landscape, these agents ensure your quest for a home aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, and financial goals.

Take a look at the table below to grasp the range of options our Summerlin real estate agents can unveil for you:

Property Type Typical Features Approximate Price Range
Townhomes Multilevel living spaces, community amenities $350,000 – $550,000
Condos Contemporary designs, convenient locations $250,000 – $500,000
Single-Family Homes Private yards, customizable spaces $500,000 – $1M+
Luxury Estates Exquisite craftsmanship, world-class amenities $1M – $5M+

We pride ourselves on our genuine commitment to finding you a home that resonates with your highest aspirations. Our property experts in Summerlin won’t just find you a suitable home; they’ll ensure you’re nestled in a neighborhood that reflects your panache. Be it amid the tranquility of tree-lined streets or the stately elegance of guard-gated enclaves; our ultimate goal is to provide a service that culminates in your contentment.

As we escort you through each potential doorstep, remember that our allegiance lies with your best interests. So, when you’re ready to explore the bevy of housing options that Summerlin has to offer, put your trust in the local real estate agents who have proven their mettle in matching discerning clients with their perfect Summerlin homes.

A Calendar of Vibrance: Summerlin Community Events

Summerlin community events

Within the Summerlin community, the air is vibrant with the spirit of togetherness, punctuated by various events that echo through the valley. In these moments of collective celebration, the heart of Summerlin truly beats as seasonal festivities, local activities, and cultural celebrations bring everyone together under the warm Nevada sky. Let us paint a picture of this radiant community calendar.

Seasonal Festivities and Year-Round Gatherings

As the seasons change, so does the palette of events. Imagine the cool crispness of autumn bringing the festive hues of harvest festivals while the summer sun ushers in outdoor concerts and movie nights under the stars. The fusion of events is thoughtfully tailored to foster memorable and exuberant experiences for every age and interest.

Celebrating Community: Signature Summerlin Events

Summerlin’s signature events are the showcases of the community’s fabric. Art festivals bloom with creativity, farmers’ markets buzz with the energy of local producers, and fitness classes gather community members in the pursuit of health and wellness. These events are more than mere dates on a calendar; they are the cornerstones of community life in Summerlin.

Event Type Description Season
Art Festivals An assembly of local and regional artists showcasing their masterpieces. Spring/Fall
Farmers’ Markets Weekly markets offering fresh produce and handcrafted goods. Year-Round
Outdoor Concerts Live music events in the open air for the community to enjoy. Summer
Community Fitness Classes Engaging, health-focused classes held in local parks and centers. Year-Round
Seasonal Celebrations Events tailored to celebrate holidays and special occasions. Winter/Summer

In the heart of Summerlin, these community gatherings are not just occasions but lifelines that connect neighbors, generate conversations, and celebrate the mosaic that is life in Summerlin. Join us as we embark on this perpetual festivity, marking the days with joy and the nights with community togetherness.

The Natural Beauty of Summerlin's Climate and Landscape

Breathtaking Landscape of Summerlin

When we think of Summerlin Las Vegas, NV, images of magnificent landscapes and unparalleled natural beauty immediately come to mind. This stunning corner of the Las Vegas Valley is not just a place to call home but a sanctuary where the harmony between nature and community living is palpably felt. As guardians of this desert gem, we are constantly inspired by the canvas of colors painted by the setting sun against the silhouette of the Red Rock National Recreation Area.

Indeed, the very climate of Summerlin invites a lifestyle that is both dynamic and serene. Seasons transform the landscape without ever tipping the balance of comfort, allowing for a vibrant array of outdoor recreational activities year-round. Summerlin is a testament to sustainable and enjoyable outdoor living in a world where living in sync with nature is increasingly treasured.

In acknowledgment of the outdoor paradise that beckons, let us elaborate on the natural amenities that set this community apart:

  • Parks: Sprinkled generously throughout, each park invites families to gather, children to play, and individuals to unwind.
  • Trails: Connecting not just neighborhoods but also lives, the trail system promotes a healthy, eco-friendly mode of transit and recreation.
  • Red Rock Canyon is a treasure trove for hikers, rock climbers, and those simply seeking a retreat into nature’s embrace.

Summerlin boasts an enviable position, tucked close enough to the hustle and bustle of the city while standing as a serene escape for those who appreciate nature’s tranquility. Here, we nurture a way of life that doesn’t just exist alongside the environment but thrives because of it.

Residents of Summerlin do not just reside in a community; they live in a sprawling, green, and vibrant outdoor wonderland.

Let it be known that the true allure of Summerlin doesn’t solely lie in its meticulously planned streets or exquisite homes. The fresh air, the open spaces, the majestic mountains, and the boundless blue skies make our hearts swell with pride for this slice of paradise. To live in Summerlin is to embrace the natural beauty and embark on an adventure every day.

Summerlin's Culinary and Retail Experience

Downtown Summerlin Shopping and Dining

As we journey into the heart of Summerlin, our senses are greeted with the rich tapestry of flavors and styles that make up the area’s culinary and retail offerings. From the bustling boulevards of Downtown Summerlin to the charming streets of Tivoli Village, you’re invited to explore an array of experiences where gastronomy and shopping intersect with grace and sophistication.

Downtown Summerlin

Considered the vibrant hub of the neighborhood, Downtown Summerlin is where shopping meets style, and food enthusiasts can revel in the creations of top chefs. This is a place where the community gathers, cultures collide, and culinary masterpieces are born, transforming dining experiences from mere meals into memorable occasions.

Shopping Spots: From Boutiques to Shopping Centers

The retail scene in Summerlin is as diverse as it is dynamic. Seekers of exclusive fashion and unique accessories will find solace in the quaint boutique stores of Tivoli Village. At the same time, those pursuing a more traditional shopping trip will appreciate the comprehensive selections within the numerous shopping centers that pepper the area, including the renowned Boca Park.

A Taste of Summerlin: Highlighting Top Restaurants

With enthusiasm, we encourage you to savor the tastes of Summerlin, where restaurants offer more than just meals. They extend invitations to journeys of flavor and ambiance. Leading restaurants set the stage for unforgettable dining experiences, each aligned with the culinary excellence for which Summerlin is famed.

Culinary Destination Cuisine Ambiance Featured Chef
Wolf’s Steakhouse American Steakhouse Elegant & Intimate Chef Wolfgang Puck
Bella Vita Authentic Italian Cozy & Romantic Chef Julian Serrano
Dragonfly Asian Fusion Modern & Chic Chef Roy Yamaguchi
El Dorado Cantina Mexican Organic Lively & Rustic Chef Paco Cortes

Every restaurant and shop in Summerlin tells a story, inviting locals and visitors alike to write their own through a symphony of tastes, sights, and sounds. Whether you seek a day of elaborate shopping or an evening of exquisite dining, the treasures of Summerlin await your discovery.

Recreational Activities and Attractions in Summerlin

Activities and Attractions in Summerlin

There’s a shimmering array of recreational activities and attractions in Summerlin, catering to both residents and visitors alike. For those wondering about the best things to do in Summerlin Las Vegas, the options are as diverse as they are thrilling. Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself on lush golf courses, enjoy family fun at the Las Vegas Ballpark, or retreat into the tranquility of nature on extensive outdoor trails, Summerlin has something special for everyone.

Let’s tee off first with the golf enthusiasts who find sanctuary in Summerlin’s golf courses. Here, you can enjoy some of the finest courses in the area, designed by legendary figures of the sport. Next, we step into the world of entertainment and leisure at the Red Rock Casino, where the glitz of Vegas shines bright, offering a reprieve from daily routines.

  • Sumptuous rounds of golf on championship-caliber courses
  • Elegant evenings filled with entertainment at Red Rock Casino
  • Exciting baseball games at the popular Las Vegas Ballpark
  • Adventurous outings on miles of scenic outdoor trails
  • Relaxation in Summerlin luxury apartments with resort-style living

True to its reputation, Summerlin is also a hub for outdoor enthusiasts. With Red Rock Canyon as a backdrop, our community is interlaced with trails that beckon hikers, bikers, and explorers. The thrill of discovery is just a step away, waiting in the vast expanses of Summerlin’s natural playground.

For those seeking a serene haven, the luxury apartments of Summerlin offer solace with their lush amenities and peaceful settings. This blend of dynamic attractions and tranquil living spaces makes Summerlin a place where all can thrive and where every moment is a chance to live your very best life.

As we bask in the warm Nevada sun, we’re reminded that the true essence of Summerlin lies in these rich experiences that shape our lives and our community. There’s sheer joy in knowing that such a treasure trove of leisure and luxury exists here, in our beautiful desert oasis.

Average Home Prices and Market Trends in Summerlin

Summerlin Real Estate Market Trends

Those eyeing the Summerlin area for a new home will find a real estate market rich with choice and characterized by diverse property values. In our experience, Summerlin home prices continue to attract a broad range of buyers, reflecting the community’s accommodation of various lifestyles and budgets. From the allure of luxury homes to the practicality of modern condos, Summerlin’s real estate market trends highlight a thriving and adaptable housing landscape.

Understanding the property values in Summerlin is crucial for those considering a move to this prized Las Vegas suburb. Although the area is known for its upscale living, it also offers more accessible housing options, like beautifully designed townhomes and chic condos, that provide an entrance to the Summerlin lifestyle without the luxury home price tag.

In analyzing the data, we’ve noted a steady appreciation in property values, suggesting that Summerlin isn’t just a place to live but a wise investment in the future. We’ve compiled a detailed table that illustrates the current state of Summerlin’s dynamic real estate market.

Property Type Average Price Trend
Condos $300,000 – $500,000 Rising
Townhomes $400,000 – $600,000 Stable
Single-Family Homes $600,000 – $1,000,000 Rising
Luxury Estates $1,000,000 + Varies

The table above gives you a clearer picture of the financial landscape of Summerlin’s real estate. While luxury estates often dominate the headlines with their high-end amenities and spacious designs, we’ve seen a significant uptick in interest for condos and townhomes, indicating a versatile market responsive to a range of needs and desires.

With a real estate market as dynamic as it is diverse, Summerlin represents an opportunity for many to find their dream home, whether that’s a penthouse with a view or a family-friendly suburban house with a yard to match.

We take pride in presenting this snapshot of the current market, sharing insights that are as much about the homes themselves as they are about the lifestyles they enable. Our commitment is to keep you informed on the latest Summerlin home prices and real estate market trends, guiding you to a sound decision as you contemplate investing in the community’s beloved property tapestry.

The Idyllic Suburban Life: Summerlin Las Vegas NV

Suburban Life in Summerlin

As we delve into what defines the essence of suburban life in Summerlin, we find a community that is the very picture of enchantment. Here, the residential neighborhoods are more than mere living spaces; they form a collage of tranquil retreats against the vast natural backdrops that surround the city. If one were to depict a scene from the idyllic suburban life, it would undeniably resemble Summerlin.

When dwelling in this crowded yet peaceful enclave, the luxury apartments in Summerlin offer an upscale lifestyle without sacrificing the warm neighborhood vibes. These habitats provide sumptuous living spaces and accented with amenities that cater to every resident’s needs – affording leisure and comfort in equal measure.

Adjacent to the handcrafted landscapes and residences lies the Red Rock National Conservation Area. In this natural sanctuary, the horizon stretches beyond the eye, presenting panoramic views that contribute to Summerlin’s suburban charm. It is not merely the views that attract seekers of serenity; it is the lifestyle that those views accompany. Imagine days filled with adventure, afternoons of exploration, and evenings crowned by the glow of a desert sunset. In Summerlin, such luxuries have become the norm daily.

We affirm that Summerlin’s allure is heightened by its dedication to family-friendly activities that promote community engagement and active living. From jubilant park outings to festive seasonal events, Summerlin is a hive of vibrancy. It’s easy to see the communal spirit weave through every street and alley of this beloved Nevada gem.

In the spirit of comparing the merits of Summerlin’s urban design and family advantages, we’ve assembled a comprehensive table:

Feature Exemplary Aspects of Summerlin Benefits to Families and Residents
Residential Design Meticulously planned neighborhoods with a mix of single-family homes and luxury apartments A welcoming and diverse community atmosphere catering to different lifestyles and preferences
Natural Environments Proximity to Red Rock National Conservation Area and the Spring Mountains Easily accessible natural retreats for outdoor adventures and relaxation
Community Activities Plentiful parks, trails, and centers hosting year-round activities Enriching experiences that strengthen family bonds and encourage healthy living
Event Offerings Seasonal celebrations, art festivals, and farmers’ markets Vibrant social scenes that nurture local culture and kinship

Our conversations often reflect how the suburbs are a tapestry of routines, relationships, and retreats. Summerlin is the embodiment of this triad. We take pride in our neighborhood, a canvas where every nuance of suburban life is colored with the brightest shades of community and character. Together, we craft a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary, making every day in Summerlin an ethereal suburban symphony.

Understanding Property Ownership in Summerlin

Elegant Property in Summerlin

Welcome to Summerlin, a beacon of luxury living in the Las Vegas Valley. Here, the dream of property ownership comes infused with the elegance and serenity that only a master-planned community can offer. Our focus today is on what makes property in Summerlin a distinguished experience, especially within its prestigious guard-gated communities. It’s a lifestyle choice that resonates with those seeking security, privacy, and amenities that enhance everyday living. We’d like to guide you through the nuances of these elevated living spaces and the ample outdoor amenities unique to Summerlin.

Guard-Gated Communities: Privacy Meets Elegance

For many, Summerlin’s allure lies in its guard-gated communities, the hallmark of property ownership in this part of the Las Vegas Valley. These secure enclaves offer more than just homes; they symbolize a sanctuary where privacy meets elegance. Summerlin’s guard-gated communities cater to individuals who prioritize exclusivity and peace of mind.

Outdoor Spaces and Community Amenities

Summerlin’s vision of luxury extends beyond the confines of a residence. The outdoor spaces are meticulously curated to complement the homes’ grandeur. From lush parks that serve as verdant oases to extensive trails that beckon with adventure, Summerlin amenities offer a retreat into the beauty of landscaped environments. These outdoor spaces are interwoven with various community amenities, ensuring the fulfillment of every imaginable recreational and leisure pursuit.

Feature Description Community Benefit
Guard-Gated Security Entrance access controlled by private security Enhanced privacy and safety for residents
Parks and Green Spaces Expansive, manicured landscapes dedicated to community use Tranquil settings for relaxation and family activities
Recreational Facilities Amenities such as pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers Convenient access to healthy living and socialization
Walking and Biking Trails Over 150 miles of interconnected trails Active lifestyle support with scenic views

As we explore the myriad aspects of life in this Nevada gem, it’s evident that property ownership in Summerlin transcends the mere act of purchasing a home. It’s about embracing a lifestyle rich in privacy, luxury, and community engagement. Residents immerse themselves in a world where every amenity is thoughtfully designed to enrich the living experience. We take pride in guiding you through what makes Summerlin not just a place to live but a place to thrive.

The Strategic Location of Summerlin: Proximity to Las Vegas

Proximity to Las Vegas Strip from Summerlin

Situated in the heart of the Las Vegas Valley, the Summerlin community boasts a strategic location that offers the tranquility of suburban life alongside exciting urban conveniences. We find that our residents cherish the equilibrium between peaceful neighborhood living and the buzzing atmosphere of the city’s center. The ability to bask in the calmness of Summerlin’s parks by day and enjoy the lively Las Vegas Strip by night is a unique aspect of life here, attributing greatly to the area’s appeal.

For those of us who thrive on the energy of Las Vegas, the proximity to the Las Vegas Strip is a mere stone’s throw away. This closeness allows for spontaneous outings to world-renowned restaurants, shows, and casinos, making it an ideal place for those who desire a balance between repose and entertainment. Moreover, this proximity transforms into a valuable asset for property values and quality of life.

Accessibility is another facet of Summerlin’s allure. With Harry Reid International Airport just twenty minutes away, our residents can effortlessly embark on their travels or receive out-of-town guests. This ease of travel is complemented by an efficient network of major freeways, reinforcing Summerlin’s reputation as a strategic location within the sprawling Las Vegas Valley.

Location Advantage Details Impact on Lifestyle
Las Vegas Strip Less than 20 minutes away Access to entertainment, dining, and nightlife
Harry Reid International Airport Approximately 20 minutes’ drive Convenience for travel and business
Freeway Connectivity Easy access to major freeways like I-215 and US-95 Seamless commuting across the Las Vegas region

Our cherished Summerlin is more than a series of neighborhoods; it’s a well-connected community that provides an optimal balance of domestic bliss and vibrant city life. We embrace the opportunity to live in a location where the vibrance of Las Vegas is always at our fingertips, yet far enough to maintain the serenity of our homes. This strategic placement is one of the many reasons life in Summerlin embodies the best of both worlds.


As we conclude our comprehensive guide to Summerlin 2024, the journey through its luxuriant landscapes, exceptional amenities, and welcoming neighborhoods reinforces why so many discerning individuals and families choose Summerlin for their homes. Summerlin has showcased its commitment to elegance, comfort, and a community-focused lifestyle with each step. Our expansive look at this Las Vegas gem leaves no doubt that it’s a place where one can indeed find the best in suburban living.

With an ever-evolving canvas that echoes the desires and needs of its residents, Summerlin’s neighborhoods continue to blossom, ensuring the area is placed at the forefront of upscale living in the Las Vegas Valley. From the prestigious estates of The Ridges to the family-friendly parks and schools of Mesa Ridge, the entire neighborhood list updated for 2024 serves as a beacon for potential homeowners. It promises a horizon filled with possibilities and a community ready to welcome new stories and dreams.

Summerlin Las Vegas Full Neighborhoods List Updated 4/29/2024

For those on the brink of choosing Summerlin as their sanctuary, the updated neighborhood list provides a foundation for making an informed decision. It reflects the latest residential development and community planning, ensuring your choice is backed by the most current and detailed information. Whether it’s the panoramic views of Stonebridge or the country club elegance of Red Rock, there’s a neighborhood waiting to fulfill your vision of luxury and lifestyle.

Our commitment remains to be your guiding light through the magnetic appeal of Summerlin. As authors of this comprehensive guide to Summerlin 2024


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The Trails

  • Cantabria, Canyon Oaks, Country Rose Estates, Deerfield Condos, Desert Trails, Highline, Highpointe, Mountain Trails, Oak Knoll, The Trail


What defines the luxurious side of Summerlin?

The luxurious side of Summerlin is defined by its exclusive homes, meticulously landscaped neighborhoods, and high-end amenities. Communities such as The Ridges, Mesa Ridge, and Red Rock Country Club offer architectural aesthetics and amenities that cater to a luxurious lifestyle.

Which schools are considered the top in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV?

Summerlin is home to some of Clark County’s most renowned educational institutions. It boasts top-tier public, private, and charter schools recognized for their academic excellence and commitment to high-quality education.

How can Summerlin real estate agents help find a luxury home?

Summerlin real estate agents are local property experts with extensive knowledge of the area’s housing market. They can guide various housing options, from condos to luxury estates, and help find a property that matches individual preferences and budgets.

What types of community events are held in Summerlin?

Summerlin’s community calendar is filled with a range of vibrant events. These include seasonal festivities, cultural celebrations, farmers’ markets, live music, art festivals, and community fitness classes, strengthening the community’s bond.

Can you describe Summerlin’s natural beauty and climate?

Summerlin boasts a natural beauty enhanced by its proximity to the Red Rock National Recreation Area, offering a backdrop perfect for outdoor activities. The region enjoys a temperate climate that is conducive to enjoying the outdoors throughout much of the year.

Where can I experience the best dining and shopping in Summerlin?

Downtown Summerlin is the hub for dining and shopping, hosting a variety of restaurants from top chefs and extensive shopping options. Tivoli Village and Boca Park offer unique boutique shopping and elevated dining experiences catering to all tastes.

What recreational activities are available in Summerlin?

Summerlin offers a wide array of recreational activities, including exclusive golf courses, the Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas Ballpark, miles of outdoor trails for hiking and biking, and luxury apartments with resort-style amenities.

What are the current home prices and market trends in Summerlin?

Summerlin home prices vary widely, accommodating different budgets. The community is regarded as an upscale locale with luxury homes at the higher end. Market trends reflect a blend of luxury and diverse living with various property types available.

What’s suburban life like in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV?

Suburban life in Summerlin is picturesque. It combines tranquil residential areas, luxury apartments, and serene natural landscapes. It offers a balance of quiet living with various family-friendly activities and events.

What benefits do property owners enjoy in Summerlin’s guard-gated communities?

Property owners in Summerlin’s guard-gated communities enjoy privacy, elegance, and security. These communities offer a range of amenities, from parks to recreational facilities, promoting a luxurious and comprehensive living experience.

How does Summerlin’s location contribute to its appeal?

Summerlin’s strategic location offers the tranquility of suburbia while maintaining proximity to the Las Vegas Strip and the airport. Its connectedness via significant freeways makes it a prime choice for those seeking convenience and a high-quality, suburban lifestyle.

Does Infinity Garage Door Repair serve Summerlin, Nevada?

Infinity Garage Door Repair offers services in the Summerlin area of Nevada. They provide a range of garage door repair and installation services to residents and businesses in this region, ensuring that their team of skilled technicians can address any garage door issues promptly and efficiently. Their commitment to quality service includes emergency repairs, highlighting their dedication to customer satisfaction and home security. So, if you’re in Summerlin Las Vegas and need of garage door Repair services, Infinity Garage Door Repair is a reliable option to consider.

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