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One would be surprised to know the devastating damage that lightning can cause to your garage door. If you are living in areas that are prone to thunderstorms, it is very important to keep garage door opener repair in your arsenal. Neither less to say, it causes millions of dollars of losses every single year in the entire United States.

Although your garage door won’t take any direct hit to the garage door, it can easily surge through the ground, water pipes, or any other object. With garage doors being one of the primary entrances of the house, it can get frustrating at times. In this article, we have properly curated what the most common damages are. You will also find some of the backup plans, along with the benefits of installing a battery.

Damages Caused to Electric Garage Door Openers

Two of the most unpredictable aspects of lightning are that you don’t know where exactly it is going to hit and the damages it will cause. In this section, we are going to primarily discuss the common symptoms that openers have when lightning or power surge damages them. One of the most common reasons being, the battery of the garage door opener dying.

Once you are done with the initial checkup, now make sure that the unit is properly plugged in. Sometimes over periodic usage, it can become loose disconnecting the entire unit. Now, if the problem persists, make sure to look for the signs mentioned below:

  • No Light on Sensor: If you are unable to find a blinking light over your garage door sensor, there won’t be any power for the overall unit.
  • Light without any Operation: In other circumstances, you will find that the light is on, yet you are unable to operate the opener. This is a clear indication; that there is an interruption between the signal and the mechanism.
  • Flashing Lights: If your motor unit is flashing light, it is a clear indication of being struck by lightning.
  • Burning Smell from Motor: Any electrical surge will definitely burn or melt the wirings within the motor. Using the same under such circumstances can cause further damage to the door.
  • Ghosting in the System: The term ghosting is specifically coined when there are unpredictable behaviors. If you find your garage door opening and closing on its own, this is a clear indication that it’s been struck by lightning.

Backup Plan for Power Outage

Certainly, you can easily escape lightning, but the power outage that comes after that is annoying. If it for a couple of hours, you will do just fine. But, anything longer than that, and you are in serious trouble. This is where it makes more sense to have a backup plan for such circumstances.

You can always open your garage door inside manually. But, it is always easier said than done. Under such circumstances, it is better to rely upon powerful battery backup systems. They come with a plug-and-play installation. And most importantly, they can hold enough power to help you use your garage door for hours to come.

What are the Benefits of Battery Backup?

When you are living in an area that is more prone to lightning and power outages, the best course of action is to find a battery backup. Regardless of the size of your garage door, you can find battery packs for any flow. There are several advantages that you can reap from the same. You can always get the right assistance. So, while making your purchase for battery backup, make sure to look for the following considerations:

Installation and Overall Set-up:

The overall set-up for the battery unit should be fairly minimal. For the majority of the time, you can mount the power units above the garage door opener. Using this add-on can make your garage door functional for hours, even after a power outage.

Longer Battery Life:

If you want seamless battery usage, make sure to get a unit that can last for a longer duration of time. The general lifespan of such battery backups is almost three years or so. Keep that in mind as well.

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Connect and Forget:

The sole idea behind installing a battery backup is the convenience that it provides to the consumer. Connect the pack to your household’s electrical unit, and you are done with the same. Another benefit is that there is no requirement for maintenance or further servicing. All you need to do is, check how the charges are holding up every six months. In other words, battery backup installations should be in such a way that you should connect and forget.

Peace of Mind:

If your battery backup is giving you a hard time, make sure to change the same immediately. The battery unit should provide you with peace of mind, where you don’t have to worry about power outages anymore.

Plenty of Capacity:

The standard for battery backup is 24 hours or 50 times before opening and closing your garage door. Make sure to take note of whether your battery backup is living up to that standards. Sometimes you can find your door opening and closing slower than normal. You can certainly, count the same as well.

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