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If you own a garage, you know how it is one of the most commonly used entrances in your house. And it is difficult to keep a count of how many times the garage door rolls up and down throughout the day. Stop for a second and wonder what would happen if the garage door cable got broken.


Have you wondered how difficult it is to lift an old, rusted garage door or one with broken garage door cables? It is a difficult task, indeed. You may be wondering what to do if your garage door cable breaks. Infinity garage door repair can provide you with some valuable advice regarding what should one do if he/she find himself/herself in such a situation.


The garage door is a fairly complicated machine that consists of different working parts. All the parts work in coordination to make up a smooth working garage door. Certain parts of the garage door experience tremendous pressure. These parts are the most likely to get broken. These parts consist of several springs. Even if one of these springs breaks, it can cause serious damage and harm. If the cable itself breaks, there could be a serious potential problem.


There are different types of garage door cables, depending on the spring system it consists of. Certain garages have extension spring cables that run along the sides of your garage door. These require a particular type of extension spring cable.

On the other hand, torsion springs require torsion spring cables that loop at one end. They have a crimped stop at the very end. There is another kind of cable available in the market. These are safety cables and are generally used with extension cables. These cables are an integral part of the safety mechanism that runs through the center of the spring. This prevents any damage or injury if the spring accidentally breaks.


Garage door cables are manufactured differently than usual cables. Utmost importance is given in the manufacturing process of such cables since they bear a lot more load than the other types of cables. Although they are made of metal, they are quite flexible.


Flexibility is accounted for repeated pulling and lowering processes during manufacturing. Further treatment of cables comprises of wounding and unwinding around a drum at the top of a garage door while the door opens and closes.


Then too, a faulty cable isn’t rare to be found. A faulty system of springs and cables can make the broken spring fly across. This can lead to human fatality and huge losses. Undoubtedly, proper maintenance of garage door cables is of utmost importance. It is best to call a professional if one faces any issue regarding broken garage door cables.


How garage door cables break in the first place?


If one does not pay heed to the efficient maintenance of garage door cables, many things can go wrong with the system. The pulley can, at times, get worn out. The cable would not slip smoothly, and there is a possibility that the door could get stuck on one side. The pulleys have to be replaced then. Similarly, cables can get wound around the drum incorrectly. The door can get jammed or would drop on one side. At times, the cables can mistakenly get completely unwound from the drum.


Rarely, garage door cables can also completely break. This can be caused due to corrosion or simply excessive usage. Fraying is another important problem that garage owners can face. If one of the little twisted ropes breaks, it could fray multiple other cables around it.

Eventually, the whole structure would collapse. Poor maintenance is one of the main issues which should be tackled by all garage owners. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in one of these situations. You will need a professional team who can handle the situation and repair your garage door system as soon as possible.


Prevent breaking a garage door cable


There are two crucial aspects that determine the strength of your garage door cables:

  • Weight of the door
  • Length of the garage door cable


Heavier garage doors need thicker cables and stronger springs. Doors made of wood require sufficiently strong cables to sustain their weight. The length of the garage door cable is decided by its spring system. There are two or more springs with the torsion spring system. Therefore, it requires shorter cables. On the other hand, extension spring systems require longer cables, so that it can run from top to bottom of the garage door.


Identifying the damage to the garage door cable


Always keep an eye out for any kind of fraying, worn-out components, or any kind of damage. Lubrication after specific time intervals is essential for the proper and smooth functioning of the garage door system.

Remember to wipe off any excess lubricants after lubrication to avoid the parts to attract dust and dirt.


If you find yourself in a garage with broken garage door cables, it is best to ask for professional help.

Opening and closing a garage door with broken cables can permanently damage your garage door.

This will only increase the costs of repairing. Therefore, any wrong step from your side could lead to unwanted consequences. We here at Infinity Garage Door Repair are always eager to offer our high-quality services to our customers.


We assure you that provide the best services from our side with the aid of our experienced and reliable technicians. Contact us at 7028903611 to avail the services at market competitive prices at the earliest.

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