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A well-maintained wood garage door can last for decades. This makes wooden garage doors both beautiful and long-lasting. At Infinity Garage Door, we focus on wood garage doors in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin.

The design options for wooden garage doors are limitless. Our team can customize your door with carvings, patterns, and unique hardware. You can choose from woods like cedar, mahogany, and redwood, each offering unique beauty.

A wood garage door boosts your house’s look and keeps it warm. Our wooden garage door installation ensures a perfect fit. Plus, our wood garage door maintenance keeps your door looking good for a long time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wood garage doors combine timeless beauty with exceptional durability, lasting for decades with good care.
  • You can customize your door to match any home design, with various wood types available.
  • These doors also keep your house better insulated, saving energy and making your home more comfortable.
  • Proper installation and maintenance are crucial for lasting performance and beauty.
  • Infinity Garage Door is your go-to for wood garage door services across the Las Vegas Valley.

Discover the matchless charm and strength of wood garage doors with Infinity Garage Door. We’d like to help you choose the ideal custom wood garage doors to enhance your home.

The Enduring Charm of Wood Garage Doors

Many homeowners love wood garage doors. They stand out with their timeless beauty and unmatched versatility. Wood’s warmth and texture make any entrance welcoming, and they fitwith a variety of home styles, from rustic to modern.

Wood doors don’t just look good; they last. While other choices may fade in popularity, wood remains a favorite. Wood woods like mahogany, cedar, and redwood are naturally strong. They resist decay, bugs, and moisture well, ensuring your door will look good for years.

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

Wood garage doors bring elegance and sophistication. Their deep tones and textures are hard to match. Whether it’s a classic or a modern design, wood boosts your home’s look. And, as wood ages, it gains a unique look that brings even more character to your door.

Versatility in Design

Wood doors allow for endless customizations. Homeowners can make their doors reflect their unique style. From detailed panels to special finishes, you can truly make it yours. This makes your door stand out while blending perfectly with your home.

Wood SpeciesCharacteristicsBest For
CedarLightweight, naturally resistant to decay and insectsCarriage-style doors, traditional homes
MahoganyDurable, rich color, tight grainElegant, high-end homes
RedwoodNaturally resistant to moisture, decay, and insectsCoastal homes, areas with high humidity
OakStrong, heavy, distinctive grain patternsRustic or traditional homes

Proper maintenance keeps your wood garage door looking fabulous. Regular cleaning, fixing wear quickly, and sealing every few years are critical. Taking care of your wood garage doortraditional will stay beautiful and durable for a long time.

In conclusion, wood garage doors are a great choice because they are durable and look great. Whether you like traditional or modern styles, wood doors let you make a unique statement. With the right care, your wood garage door will make your home look amazing for many years.

Durability and Strength of Wood Garage Doors

Thinking about a new garage door means considering its lifespan. Some people think wood doors last less, but that’s not true. With the right care, wood garage doors can handle almost anything. They are made from top-notch materials to withstand tough weather and big temperature changes.

wood garage door maintenance

Natural Resilience of Wood

Hardwoods like mahogany, cedar, and redwood have natural oils. These oils make the wood strong against bugs, rot, and wetness. Overhead Door™’s Traditional Wood Collection doors are a good example. They use thick wood that’s joined tightly. This makes the doors tough. They also use particular joints that are glued and held with steel pins for extra strength.

Engineered for Longevity

Adding the right treatments and finishes makeswood garage doors last even longer. They are well protected from the sun’s rays. Proper care ensures a wood garage door can stay good for 15 to 30 years. Overhead Door™ stands by its doors with a solid one-year warranty, showing it believes in itsproduct’s quality.

Choosing a wood garage door means picking one made by a trusted brand. Companies like Overhead Door™ focus on top-quality work and use the best materials. They know how to craft doors that last. Getting your door installed or fixed by a local expert in Las Vegas is also intelligent. It keeps your door in top shape so it lasts for years.

Wood SpeciesDurabilityMaintenance Requirements
CedarHighly durable, naturally resistant to decay and insectsRequires regular sealing or painting to maintain appearance and protect from moisture
RedwoodHighly durable, naturally resistant to decay and insectsRequires regular sealing or painting to maintain appearance and protect from moisture
MahoganyExtremely durable, naturally resistant to decay and insectsRequires occasional sealing or oiling to maintain appearance and protect from moisture

Before you buy a wood garage door, please considethink about the cost to keep it up. Wood doors need more care than some materials. But, the beauty and strength they bring make it worth it. With regular cleaning and new finishes, your wood garage door can keep looking and working great for a long time.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency Benefits

Wooden garage doors keep your space at the right temperature. They stop heat from getting in during the summer. In winter, they lock in warmth. This means you might use less heating and cooling. So they can lower energy bills and help the planet.

An insulated garage door saves energy and keeps your home safer. It helps make your house quieter, too. With top-notch insulation, you can avoid spending a lot on heating and cooling.

Polyurethane foam is a top choice for garage doors. It’s excellent at keeping the temperature steady. If you pick polystyrene, you get something lighter. It also does well at insulation. Wood garage doors look good and can be great for keeping energy in.

Garage Door MaterialInsulation BenefitsAdditional Advantages
WoodGood R-value minimizes heat transferDurable, resistant to dents and rust
SteelCan be insulated for energy efficiencyDurable, strong, low maintenance
Insulated (general)Reduces energy consumption, maintains stable temperatureAdded security, soundproofing, quieter operation

Maintaining your garage door is key. It means checking the insulation often and keeping it clean and lubed. Experts say do this yearly to make sure your door works well and is safe. Taking care of it means it lasts longer and saves more energy.

Picking a well-insulated wood garage door is a smart move. It boosts your home’s look and saves a lot of energy.

Thinking about the cost of a wood garage door? Don’t forget to think long-term. A good company can install one that looks great and saves energy. Keep it maintained, and you’ll have a door that lasts and saves money for years.

Customization Options for Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors let you show off your style like nothing else. You can choose the wood type, panel patterns, and even the hardware. This makes your garage door different from anyone else’s. It really shows who you are.

custom wood garage doors

Wood Species and Finishes

Choosing the right wood is a big deal when making your perfect garage door. You could pick cedar, mahogany, redwood, or oak. Each one has its special look and strength. After picking the wood, you can add a finish, stain, or paint matching your home. Here are some top choices for wooden garage doors:

  • Prime Only
  • Paint
  • Faux Stain
  • Stain

If you choose dark colors, remember that they might need more care to look good.

Decorative Hardware and Accents

Little things like handles and hinges can make a big difference on your garage door. They add style and sophistication. Here are some cool accessories for wooden garage doors:

  • Clavos
  • Custom Wood Jambs & Casings
  • Door Stops with Weather Seals
  • Latches
  • Pull Handles & Rings
  • Specialty Glass
  • Strap Hinges

Choosing and adding these small details helps create a truly special door that reflects you.

Window Designs and Placement

Windows bring in light and make your garage door look amazing. When designing your door, think about what style of window you want. Here are some ideas:

Window DesignDescription
Clear GlassOffers an unobstructed view and maximum natural light
Frosted GlassProvides privacy while still allowing light to enter
Seeded GlassFeatures a textured surface that adds visual interest
Insulated GlassImproves energy efficiency and reduces noise transfer

Think about where the windows should go on your door. Placing them just right can make your home look even better.

Infinity Garage Door is your go-to for wood garage doors in Summerlin. We install and repair these doors with care. Our experts will help you design a door that fits your home perfectly.

Eco-Friendly Advantages of Wood Garage Doors

eco-friendly wood garage doors

More and more homeowners care about the planet, so they choose eco-friendly building materials. Wood garage doors are perfect for eco-conscious people. They help make homes look great while using sustainable materials. Wood can be grown and collected carefully, so it doesn’t harm the environment.

Renewable and Sustainable Material

Looking after a wooden garage door means checking where the wood comes from. Good garage door makers use wood from well-managed forests, which means your wood garage door helps keep forests healthy. So, by picking a wood garage door, you’re leaning towards a greener Earth.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Not only is wood renewable, but it also leaves less of a carbon footprint than steel or aluminum. Wood keeps your garage’s temperature just right, without the need for lots of energy. That means you can enjoy living or working in your garage comfortably. Plus, you might see lower energy bills.

MaterialEnergy EfficiencyInsulationDurability
WoodHighNatural insulatorLong-lasting with proper maintenance
AluminumModerateRequires additional insulationUp to 30 years
SteelModerateRequires additional insulationUp to 30 years

Big decision: getting a wood-style garage door or a real wood one. Modern options look like wood but need less care. Yet, a true wooden garage door is best if you love real wood and want to help the planet.

Buying a wood garage door improves the appearance of your home and helps the environment. Pair your wooden garage door with a green garage opener. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of wood for a long time and help the Earth daily.

Maintenance and Care for Wood Garage Doors

At Infinity Garage Door, we care about helping you keep your wood garage door gorgeous. Wood doors need lots of care but have looked amazing for years. They add a classic touch to your home. Regular maintenance and using the right products will make your wood garage door beautiful.

wood garage door maintenance

Regular Cleaning and Inspection

It’s key to clean and check your wooden garage door often. We say clean it monthly or when you see dirt. Use a mild soap and water to clean, then rinse well. While you clean, check for wear, damage, or pests like termites. Fixing small problems early stops bigger ones later.

Protective Treatments and Sealants

Shielding your wood garage door from the weather is important. We recommend painting or staining it yearly to keep it looking good. Sand the door before a fresh coat to make it smooth. Dark paint can get too hot and crack in the sun, so choose wisely. A protective sealant every few years helps guard against wear from the weather.

Maintenance TaskFrequencyBenefits
CleaningMonthly or as neededPrevents staining, warping, and damage from dirt and moisture buildup
Re-staining or Re-paintingAnnually or every 2-3 yearsProtects wood from UV rays, moisture, and wear; enhances appearance
Sealant ApplicationEvery few yearsProvides additional protection against sun, wind, moisture, and scratches
Inspection and RepairRegularlyIdentifies and addresses damage, worn parts, or pest infestations early

Keeping up with maintenance means your wood garage door can last longer. A well-cared-for door makes your home look great and stands up to the weather. Infinity Garage Door is here to help with the best tips and products for wood garage doors.

Wood Garage Doors as a Smart Investment

Choosing a wood garage door is a smart move. They are a bit more expensive at first. But they look gorgeous, last long, and improve how your home looks. These benefits make them a wise investment.

wood garage door prices

Research shows that replacing your garage door in the Pacific region is great for your money. The return on investment is almost 97%. Homeowners can get back almost all they spent when selling. Plus, new garage doors help sell homes faster, as most REALTORS® point out. This shows the big impact of a wood garage door.

Wood garage doors add more than just resale value. They also save you money on energy bills. Thanks to their good insulation, they keep your garage at the right temperature.

When you look at wood garage door prices, remember it’s more than just the door. The size of your garage, style, hardware, and installation are all part of the cost. Although the starting cost might be higher, the benefits and extra value to your home over time make wood doors a great buy.

Garage Door MaterialPrice RangeROI
WoodMid-range to ExpensiveUp to 95%
SteelLow to Mid-rangeUp to 90%
AluminumLow to Mid-rangeUp to 85%
FiberglassMid-range to ExpensiveUp to 80%

Wood garage doors give a high return on investment. Their good looks, strong build, and long life make them a top choice for people wanting to boost their home’s value.

In Las Vegas, getting a wood garage door installed right is key. Our team is all about quality work and top-notch service. We offer expert wood garage door services to Las Vegas homeowners.

“We take pride in our work and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with every wood garage door installation and repair project we undertake.” – Our Team

Buying a wood garage door enhances your home’s beauty and worth. It also brings a feeling of safety and calm. With regular care, these doors can last for many years, making them a good deal for any house.

Enhancing Curb Appeal with Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors add a timeless beauty to any home. They blend well with any style, making your home look great. Whether you like traditional or modern looks, wood garage doors are a perfect match.

Wood garage door installation in Henderson

Complementing Architectural Styles

Wood garage doors fit seamlessly with different house styles. They go well with classic, rustic, or modern homes. You can choose from cedar’s warm look to mahogany’s rich beauty.

Infinity Garage Door offers many wood garage door options in Henderson and Summerlin. Our team helps you pick the best wood type, finish, and style. This ensures your garage door enhances your home’s beauty.

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Creating a Welcoming Entrance

Wood garage doors make your home inviting and elegant. They show off your style the moment someone arrives. A well-chosen wood door leaves a lasting first impression.

Infinity Garage Door’s experts in Summerlin and Henderson install and repair. We care about both looks and function. Our materials and workmanship mean long-lasting quality.

Wood SpeciesCharacteristicsMaintenance
CedarNaturally resistant to decay and insects, lightweight, and dimensionally stableRequires regular sealing or painting to maintain its appearance and protect against the elements
MahoganyDense, durable, and resistant to decay, with a rich, dark color that deepens over timeRequires periodic oiling or sealing to maintain its luster and protect against moisture
OakStrong, durable, and resistant to wear and tear, with a distinctive grain patternRequires regular sealing or painting to protect against moisture and maintain its appearance

Choose Infinity Garage Door for Henderson and Summerlin’s best wood garage doors. We focus on quality, detail, and customer service. Your wood garage door will enhance your home for a long time.

For wood garage door installation Henderson or wood garage door repair Henderson call 702-890-3611

Wood Garage Door Installation Process

Infinity Garage Door knows how vital a good wood garage door installation is. It ensures your door works well and looks great. Our skilled team helps by removing your old door and setting up the new one. We take joy in providing this service nearby, meeting the needs of those in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin.

Wood garage door installation process

We start by talking with you about what you want in a wood garage door. We have many options, like custom designs and classic looks. We make sure you find the right one for your home. Choosing us means your new door will make your home more beautiful and valuable.

Installation is where our experts shine, paying close attention to every detail. They use the best materials, like cedar, for a long-lasting door. We measure carefully to make the wood panels fit just right.

Wooden garage doors are known for their durability and resistance to denting, making them an ideal choice for colonial-style or lodge-style homes. – Infinity Garage Doors

Our installation process includes these steps:

  1. Prep the wood door panels by cutting, weatherizing, and gluing lengths of wood vertically.
  2. Allow the wood panels to cure for 24 to 48 hours after gluing to ensure a strong bond.
  3. Use a chalk line to mark horizontal cut lines where door sections hinge together.
  4. Make necessary adjustments to the garage door tracks to accommodate the added depth of the wood facing.

A well-installed and insulated wood garage door brings extra comfort. It can turn your garage into a hobby room with the right temperature all year. Our service doesn’t just focus on looks but also on making your garage more usable.

Service AreaInstallation Benefits
Las VegasEnhanced curb appeal and potential property value increase
HendersonImproved insulation and temperature control for added comfort
SummerlinIncreased security and protection against weather damage

Choosing Infinity Garage Door means you’ll get an installation that’s done right. Our focus on making customers happy and our knowledge of wood garage doors make us stand out. We’re the best choice for anyone wanting to make their home look better with a wood garage door.

For wood garage door designs such as wood carriage house garage doors and wooden garage door insulation call Infinity Garage Door.

Choosing the Right Wood Garage Door Manufacturer

When you decide to buy a wood garage door, picking the right maker is key. This choice ensures you get quality and a long-lasting door. To pick the best among wood garage door retailers and brands, focus on a few important things.

wood garage door retailers

Reputation and Experience

Choosing a wood garage door maker means looking at their past work and how long they’ve been at it. Seek out those known for making strong, good-looking wood doors. These, like Clopay, have proven their excellence over time, making them a top pick.

Skilled makers can help you pick the best wood type, style, and customization for your home. Beyond the start, they give tips on keeping the door looking great. This guidance is vital to make your door a long-lived part of your home’s style.

Warranty and Customer Support

How good a warranty a maker gives tells you how much they believe in their product. A solid warranty ensures your buy is safeguarded, bringing peace of mind.

Clopay, for example, offers life warranties on some parts, showing their commitment to lasting quality. Such deals promise your door will stay reliable for a long time.

Good customer service after the sale is a must-have. This includes support for things like repairs or questions on service in places like Las Vegas or Summerlin. A responsive, expert team makes owning your door much easier, from picking it out to years down the line.

ManufacturerWarrantyCustomer Support
ClopayLimited lifetime warranty on wood sections and hardwareExceptional customer support and responsiveness
Wayne DaltonLimited lifetime warranty on wood panelsKnowledgeable and helpful support staff
Amarr1-year limited warranty on wood doorsResponsive customer service team

Look closely at the maker’s reputation, warranty, and customer service. By making a well-informed choice, you can be sure you’re getting quality and great support. A wood garage door from a trusted source brings years of beauty and reliability to your home.

Wood Garage Doors: A Timeless Choice for Your Home

Choosing a garage door that combines beauty, durability, and custom options is key. Wood garage doors do this perfectly. They’re made from premium hardwoods like mahogany and redwood. This creates a warm, beautiful look for any home. You can paint or stain them to match your house perfectly.

Custom wood garage doors

Wood garage doors are also very strong and last a long time. This is because the wood naturally keeps out pests, water, and decay. They need some care, like adding sealant every few years, to stay looking good.

Wood garage doors boost the look and value of your home. They’re seen as a smart choice for raising home prices. Everyone loves the classic look and quality of real wood. It helps your home sell faster and for a better price.

Garage Door MaterialDurabilityMaintenanceCost
Real WoodHighRegularHigher
Faux WoodHighLowLower
Painted SteelHighLowLower

When picking a garage door, think about how long it’ll last, what upkeep it needs, and the price. Even though real wood doors might cost more at first, they’re a better choice in the long run. They add value to your home and last longer than other types.

Wood garage doors are not only good for your home but also for the planet. Wood naturally keeps your garage warmer or cooler without using much energy. It comes from trees that are grown again, so it’s a green choice.

Embrace the enduring allure of wood, invest in the durability that stands the test of time, and make a statement with a garage door that protects your home and enhances its overall beauty.

With wood garage doors, you have lots of design options. You can pick classic looks or something more modern. There are many panel types, hardware choices, and window styles. You can make a door that’s truly your own and fits your home perfectly.

When getting wood garage doors, choose a good company to work with. Look for someone with great service, strong warranties, and a history of making quality doors. Working with experts ensures your door will work well and look great for a long time.

For wood garage door installation las vegas or wooden garage door openers book online a best wood garage door brands estimate.

Infinity Garage Door: Your Trusted Partner for Wood Garage Doors

In the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, Infinity Garage Door is the top choice for wood garage door needs. Our team is dedicated to quality work and accurate service. We serve areas like Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin with great craftsmanship.

wood garage door installation las vegas

Expertise in Wood Garage Door Installation and Repair

We excel in installing and fixing wood garage doors. You can choose from a variety of materials like wood, steel, and glass. Our experts guide you through the process, ensuring top-notch results.

Need a quick fix? We’ve got your back with our emergency repair services in Las Vegas. Our facility at 5510 S Fort Apache Rd is packed with the latest gear. We put safety and regular checks first to extend the life of your garage door.

Serving the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada

We proudly serve the Las Vegas Valley’s wood garage door needs, including installation and maintenance. Our techs are well-versed in battling the desert’s challenges and areready to help in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin.

Service AreaServices Offered
Las VegasWood garage door installation, repair, and maintenance
HendersonWood garage door installation, repair, and maintenance
SummerlinWood garage door installation, repair, and maintenance

Infinity Garage Door brings over 10 years of top-notch service to the area. We promise quality in each wood garage door service we offer. Expect your home to look stunning with a new, long-lasting wood garage door.

Contact us at 702-890-3611 for a consultation. Let our team find the perfect wood garage door for you. We’re here to make your home’s entrance beautiful and keep it working flawlessly.

For wood garage door installation Summerlin or for wood garage door repair Summerlin call Infinity.

Elevate Your Home's Aesthetics with Wood Garage Doors

Few things enhance the outside of your home quite like a stunning wood garage door. They blend timeless beauty with character and versatility, which can really boost your home’s stylishness. Depending on what you love, you can choose from traditional styles to modern looks.

custom wood garage doors

Unmatched Beauty and Character

Natural wood brings a special warmth and elegance to garage doors. Cedar and mahogany show unique grain patterns, while plywood is smoothly uniform. Wooden doors are never the same, making your home special.

You can add carvings, decorative hardware, and windows to your wood door, making it perfectly fit your home. You can also paint or stain it in many colors to match your home’s style.

A Statement of Style and Sophistication

Besides looking great, wood garage doors are durable and perform well. They protect your home from the weather and offer good insulation. If you take care of it, a quality wooden door can last a very long time.

Garage Door MaterialAdvantages
WoodTimeless beauty, versatility, excellent insulation
SteelDurability, security, low maintenance
AluminumLightweight, corrosion-resistant, ideal for coastal areas
FiberglassDurability, low maintenance, suitable for humid climates
VinylLow maintenance, resistance to dents and rust

It’s important to pick the right wood for your garage door based on your area and weather. Cedar and mahogany are great for places with rough weather because they resist moisture and bugs. Engineered wood is a cheaper choice that still looks like real wood but is more stable.

By choosing wood garage doors, you’re giving your home a great look that will last. They add style and value whether you’re building from scratch or updating your home.

For wooden garage door maintenance or wood garage door repair las vegas Call 702-890-3611.


Choosing a wood garage door ( Or wood-like garage door) adds a classy touch to your home. It brings beauty, lasting power, and value. These doors offer a unique look, can be customized widely, and are good for the earth.

Even though wood doors need some upkeep, like painting or staining, they are a beautiful, long-lasting investment. Proper installation and maintenance ensure more value and beauty over time.

Infinity Garage Door is a great choice for installing and caring for your wood garage door. Our experts in Las Vegas promise top-notch work. For wood garage door installation near me or wood garage door repair near me, Call us at 702-890-3611 for a visit and see how we can make your home stand out.


What are the benefits of choosing a wood garage door?

Wood garage doors bring classic beauty and can be designed in many ways. They are strong, insulate well, and are good for the planet. A wood door can make your home look better, fit different styles, and raise its worth.

How durable are wood garage doors compared to other materials?

Many think wood doors easily wear, but that’s not true if you care for them. Made from top-tier plywood and beautiful woods like mahogany, they can fight bad weather and changes in heat.

Can wood garage doors help with energy efficiency?

Absolutely, wood doors naturally keep heat and cold from escaping. This means you might need less heating and cooling in your home. So, they can help lower your utility costs.

What customization options are available for wood garage doors?

There are endless ways to customize wood garage doors. You can pick the wood type, color, or finish you like. You can also add special designs, like carvings, interesting panels, and unique hardware or windows.

Are wood garage doors an eco-friendly choice?

Yes, because wood is renewable when sourced responsibly. Many good makers make sure they get wood from well-managed forests. This means choosing a wood garage door is a green choice.

What maintenance is required for wood garage doors?

Wood doors need regular care like sealing or painting to keep out moisture and sun. You should also check for wear and damage. Cleaning your door with a gentle soap can help, and reapplying sealant or paint every few years is a good idea.

Are wood garage doors a good investment?

They are more costly at first, but they can lift your home’s value and look. Plus, they keep their quality over time. This makes them a smart choice for homeowners.

How do I choose the right wood garage door manufacturer?

Look for a maker known for good work, with a solid guarantee and great customer help. You want someone who is skilled at making strong, long-lasting wood doors. Choosing a reliable manufacturer is important.

Why should I choose Infinity Garage Door for my wood garage door installation?

Infinity Garage Door is the top pick for wood garage doors in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. With our skills and focus on excellence, we promise a door that fits well and works right. Our team offers great service and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We cover Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin areas.

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