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Are you planning to install a new garage door for your garage? Or do you want to replace the old one? In both cases, installing a high-quality garage door is of primary importance.


Nowadays, homeowners are interested in turning their garage into something more, including a workstation, playroom, etc. The garage door is an important part, which protects your car and all the valuable objects inside the garage. It also leads to the second entrance of your house. Hence, you need to keep your garage door secure.


Homeowners generally overlook the important factors while choosing the garage door. Garage doors can turn into safety hazards over time. Therefore, it is important to install the right one for the first time.


Choosing the right garage door initially seems difficult and costly. However, after you have got the right door for your garage, it will save you time and money in the long run.


Always keep in mind the important factors and consult a reliable garage door service provider. Infinity Garage Doors are best known as a trustworthy local garage door repair service. Consult a professional to get help.


How would you choose the best garage door for you?


If you keep in mind some simple yet important factors, you can get the best garage door for you.


1. Check the Material:


Different materials are good for separate purposes. Steel is a sturdy material that provides high insulation to your garage. However, it can easily bend. Wood is strong but needs high maintenance. Besides, it is an expensive material. If you want the wood-like texture, you can also go for fiberglass garage doors. Fiberglass is the best material for coastal areas, but in the areas of harsh winter, fiberglass is not recommended. You can also go for vinyl and other materials available for you. Contact your garage door service provider to make a purchase.


2. Insulation:


Insulation helps to control the temperature inside the garage, especially in extreme weather conditions. It also makes your garage door durable. Make sure your garage door has good insulation.


3. Consider The Price:


Make sure the garage door you purchase is cost-effective. Check if your garage door company provides any guarantee. Check the factors that influence the price, including size, insulation, paint, etc.


In the end, check for a reliable service provider. Consult the professionals and explore more options. Check the service provider’s website for reviews and ratings. Check if they have the in-person quote option. In this case, the contractor will come to inspect your house and consult you about the options available.


Compare Unique Garage Doors with Amarr Stratford:


Replace your old door or install a new one, get an upgraded modern model for your garage door. With this, the safety and security, as well as the functionality of your garage door, will increase. For this, initially, you may have to invest a good amount of money. But, an excellent garage door will need low maintenance costs, as well as will serve longer.


Check for a garage door company that provides high-quality garage door with innovative technology. The Unique Garage Door can help you with its high technology. They provide highly efficient and durable garage doors that can protect your valuables even in adverse climatic conditions.

In addition, they offer different budgets and preferences, which are influenced by separate factors. They produce garage doors, understanding the needs of different customers. You may compare Unique Garage Door with its competitors, such as Amarr Garage Doors.


Comparing Unique Garage Pan Door and Amarr Stratford ST1000:


If you want a basic garage door model for your residential or commercial building, you may consider Unique Garage Pan Door. They are available in different paints. It is a reliable and sturdy basic garage door.


Unique Pan Door:

  • 2” thick, non-insulated
  • Exclusive raised shadow line for additional strength
  • Using their formula 124 steel
  • Durable as well as quiet
  • They use 1Mil thick baked-on polyester paint coating, inside and outside
  • For extra protection, they use rust-proof bottom weather seal retainer

Amarr Stratford ST1000:

  • They use a single layer of steel
  • It comes with a heavy-duty exterior
  • The door needs low-maintenance

Unique Insulated Poly Back Door and the Amarr Stratford ST2000:


Most of the garage door upgrade retains about 88% of its worth. If you are investing in a new garage door, check the insulation.


Unique Insulated Poly Back Door:

  • Steel: Formula 124
  • 2” thick insulation with ¼” thick poly back coating
  • Solid one-piece sheets: 8-18 foot long
  • CFC-free polystyrene is bonded, with an out-and-out urethane squeak-free bonding process, to the steel

Amarr Stratford ST2000:

  • Double layer of Steel and environmentally safe Polystyrene thermal insulation with vinyl backing
  • Energy efficiency and quiet and comes with heavy-duty exterior
  • Unique Steel Back Door and Amarr Stratford ST3000:
  • Check the thickest steel doors by Unique and ensure increased safety, durability, and energy efficiency for your garage.

Unique Steel Back Door:

  • Energy-efficient, quiet, durable, and sturdy
  • Triple layers of Woodgrain steel with stable polystyrene insulation
  • Exceptional density foam with double layers of steel featuring exclusive pressure-max bonding

Amarr Stratford ST3000:

  • Triple layers: two Steel (inside and outside) with one insulation in between
  • Environmentally safe Polystyrene thermal insulation and heavy-duty steel
  • Energy-efficient and quiet
  • Needs low maintenance


Additional features:


Besides, Amarr’s gauge steel panels are slightly thinner than Unique. The baked-on powder-coated paint that Unique uses is more durable than Amarr. But, both brands have designs with the same overall look and style.


Amarr’s operation is a bit louder than Unique. It is because Unique uses nylon bushing hinges, whereas Amarr’s hinges are steel. Unlike Amarr, Unique designs their end hinges that completely flush with the door sides. Besides, Unique provides ball-bearing self-lubricating rollers while Amarr provides nylon rollers (simple wheel design) and no bearings.


Moreover, the factory-made Unique garage doors have insulation stuck onto the door along with a thick plastic coating. It reduces the chances of peeling off, fading, and even eroding. If the insulation is integrated inside, it will lead to wiggle and movement amidst operation. Hence, the insulation provided by Unique is inserted, i.e., it can be removed manually. Besides, this also helps in the noiseless operation of Unique garage doors.




If you want to install a new garage door, choose the right one carefully. No matter what model you want to install, Infinity Garage Doors is here to help you. We provide reliable service 24/7. We have certified and experienced technicians who can go to your house for customized inspection. From installing a new garage door to repairing one, we are dedicated so that you get the best service.

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