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Homeowners these days are using their garage for various purposes. Apart from keeping their car in the garage, they are also keeping other valuable objects. Some of them are turning the garage into their workstation, where they can fulfill their passions and hobbies. Moreover, the garage door is the second entrance to your house. For this reason, if a garage door is not closing properly, it can become a security hazard for you.


This is a common problem that occurs in automatic garage doors. If you are unable to close your garage door, you may consult the professionals for help. Infinity Garage Doors can help you with all your garage door problems. We are best known for our reliable local garage door services.


What can be the reason if your garage door is not closing?


1. Safety Sensor Misaligned:


The safety sensors installed with the garage door are important for security purposes. They prompt the garage door to reverse open when there is an obstacle. If the safety sensors are tilted or out of its space, the garage door can not close properly. Moreover, the sensors are equipped with lights that indicate if any problem occurs.


2. Safety Sensor Damaged:


Both of the safety sensors aligned with your garage door work to stop the door if anything blocks it. If the safety sensors or one of the sensors is damaged, they can also affect garage door opening and closing. In this case, purchasing new sensors will help.


3. Damaged Garage Door Spring:


If the garage door spring is damaged, it can affect the opening and closing of the garage door. In this case, you may consult the experts for help.


4. Debris:


Debris can block the safety sensors as well as the door. This can be a reason if your garage door is not properly closing.


5. Damaged Cable:


The garage door cables also help to open and close it. A damaged cable can cause problems in properly closing the door.


6. Other Problems:


Some other damages can cause a problem in the garage door opening and closing. One such problem is the damaged opener. In this case, you may consult an expert.


What do the flashing lights of the motor unit indicate?


If your garage door is opening back, this might indicate that the sensor is blocked, or the maximum force sensor is activated. The sensors are important for your garage door because they provide you with safety measures, especially for your child and pets. If the garage door opener lights flash or flicker, it indicates a problem. Different blinking patterns of the light indicate separate problems.


There are two different sensors aligned to your door. One sensor sends the signal while the other works as a receiver. When the sensors are working properly, they will show a steady green light. When the garage door sensors are misaligned, they will show a yellow light. Besides, you can also check the blinking pattern on the motor unit to understand the problem.


1. Disconnected wire:


If you see one up arrow blinks and one down arrow blinks, this means that a sensor wire is disconnected.


2. Shorted wire:


If a sensor wire has shorted out, the unit will show one up arrow blink, and two down arrow blinks.


3. Sensor eye blocked:


If the sensor eyes are blocked for any reason, the unit will show one up arrow and four down arrow blinks.


4. Temporary obstruction:


If you see four up arrow blinks and six down arrow blinks, it indicates that the sensor eyes are blocked temporarily.


If you are using an older system, then the blinking pattern would be different. In this case, one blink will indicate a disconnected wire. Two blinks and three blinks, in your unit, would indicate, respectively, a shorted wire and a misaligned sensor.


The most common situation is when the sensors flash ten times. In most cases, it indicates that the sensors are not properly aligned.


Possible reasons and solutions for problematic safety sensors:


If the sensors are not properly aligned in their places, they can stop the garage door from closing. In this case, the sensor’s light will be blinking. You can align the sensors to solve the problem. After that, make sure both of the sensors are showing a steady light.


If the sensors are aligned properly in their places, and you are still receiving flashing lights, this may indicate a problem with the wiring. In this case, inspect the entire wiring system of your garage door. Make sure there is no bend or damage. If you find any damage, you may consult the experts. Infinity Garage Doors service can help you with their experienced professional, in this case.


You can also check the wires connected to the battery.


Sunlight reflection on the safety sensors’ eyes can also create such problems. Shade it from the sunlight and make sure the problem is solved.


Debris and dirt can also produce such problems. Hence, keep your garage safety sensors and the area around it clean and free of debris.


If the lights are steady and the wiring is in good condition, then the flashing light may indicate that the sensors are damaged. You can consult the experts of Infinity Garage Doors to solve this issue.


Frequently Asked Questions:


When should you change the sensors of your garage door?


The sensors are important parts of your garage door. They protect you from potential safety threats by stopping the door when they sense an obstacle. The garage safety sensors last about 10-20 years. You may replace your garage door sensors when they are really damaged and faulty. However, before you replace the sensors, inspect the units. The problem sometimes can also be caused by the wiring. Consult the experts for your help.


Why should you choose the Infinity Garage Door service?


Infinity Garage Door company believes that every problem needs a customized solution. Besides, we provide reliable service 24/7, and we have certified experienced technicians.




Garage door safety sensors not only provide you protection but also indicate problems. The opening and the closing problem of a garage door is a safety hazard. Hence, consult the experts as soon as possible. Infinity Garage Door is your trusted local garage door repair service. We also provide expert technicians for customized inspection. So, do not wait for the things to become worse, consult the professionals immediately.

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