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These cables and the torsion spring counterbalance the door’s weight. With the help of these parts, the garage door can be lifted easily. However, if the garage door cables become damaged, the spring system can break, leading to severe injury. Therefore, replacing the damaged cable as soon as possible is best.

However, someone unfamiliar with the garage door system should avoid this task. It can even degrade the situation. In this case, Infinity Garage Door service comes to help. We are reliable service providers who can solve your garage door problems.

When can you replace your garage door cables and bottom bracket?

You can replace your garage door cables when you are familiar with the system. However, you need particular skills and experience for this mechanical task. Physical strength is also essential for climbing ladders or using heavy tools.

Moreover, you will need the proper tools and safety gear, including safety glasses, gloves, and work boots. Also, read the instructions completely and carefully and clearly understand them.

You should wear proper clothes and avoid wearing jewelry. If you need help understanding the instructions or need more tools or safety measures, contact the experts. Infinity Garage Doors service has experienced professionals in this field to help you.

What are the tools you need to perform the task?

Several tools are needed to replace the garage door cable and bottom bracket. Without proper tools, this task will fail.

The tools you will need are:

  • A ladder
  • Two pairs of locking pliers
  • Winding bars or metal rods
  • Different types of sockets
  • Various sizes of wrenches, including 1/2, 3/8, 7/16, and 9/16


How do you repair the cable and bottom bracket?

First, check out your garage door torsion spring setup. The direction is mainly based on that. The front is mounted with a center bearing plate and attached springs. Bearing plates with cables come up from the backside of the cable drums. With this setup, you can follow the directions given.

Please consult the professionals if your garage system has a different setting. In this case, do not try these instructions. Otherwise, this can lead to grave consequences.

Garage Door Repair By Infinity Garage Door
Garage Door Repair By Infinity Garage Door

You can follow the instructions if you are ready with all the tools and prepared to perform the job.

  • At first, disconnect the garage door opener from the electric outlet.
  • The garage door opener arm connects the opener with the door. You may remove the connecting arm from the door opener.
  • Make sure the door is closed while you are doing the job. You may place clamps on the track above the middle roller in this case.
  • Now, unwind the torsion spring or the springs. First, place the ladder so you can keep your face from the winding cone and bars while performing this task. You may hold on to one of the winding bars and insert it into the cone. Now, you can let loose the screws on the winding cones. The set screws must not be in contact with the door shaft.
  • Once it is done, fully insert another winding bar into the cones. After that, you may lift up and remove the first bar. Then, you have to insert the winding bar into the next hole of the cone. You must repeat the same process until all strain is removed from the spring.
  • While unwinding the spring, count the number of quarter turns you removed from it. You will need this later while reapplying the tension. It would be best if you were concentrated on the work. Eliminate everything that can distract you while unwinding the springs.
  • If your garage has two torsion springs, you must also unwind the second spring. You may need to follow the same process given above to perform this. You may proceed further once all the strain is removed from the garage door.
  • Now, you need to loosen the set screws on the cable drum. Then, you should slide the cable drum away from its place. After you have loosened the drum and removed the cable, you can drop down the cable on the floor.
  • Remove the light bolt, which holds the bottom bracket to the wall, and remove the fasteners. Now, you may slide the truck and remove the bottom bracket. Remove the cable from the bracket and the door completely.
  • After, prepare a new cable and carefully cut off the tape wrapped around it using a knife. Attach the new cable to the bottom bracket. Now, install the roller into the bracket and line the cable behind that on the door. Install the bracket on the door and align it properly. Reinstall and tighten the fasteners. Also, reinstall the light bolt.
  • Make sure the cable is set correctly and directly running from the bottom bracket. Install the cable properly in the drum’s slot. Once the cable is appropriately running, carefully slide the drum against the end-bearing plate. You may adequately tighten the set screws on the drum. Hold the drum to keep the cable tight, and place locking pliers on the shaft. This way, the cable will be tightened on the cable drum.

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Mastering the Art of Replacing Garage Door Cables and Bottom Brackets

Become an expert on replacing garage door cables and bottom brackets with Infinity Garage Door’s in-depth guide. Ensure the safety and efficiency of your Las Vegas home with our professional tips and services. Contact 702-890-3611 for more information.

Maintaining a garage door is crucial for the safety and functionality of your home. The garage door cables and bottom brackets are two of the most critical components in ensuring smooth and reliable operation. These elements bear significant tension and weight, making their integrity non-negotiable. Infinity Garage Door, a trusted service provider in Las Vegas, presents a comprehensive guide to understanding, diagnosing, and replacing these vital components.

Understanding the Role of Cables and Bottom Brackets in Garage Doors

Before diving into the replacement process, it’s essential to understand the function and importance of these parts:

  1. Garage Door Cables: These are responsible for lifting the door’s weight as it opens and ensuring it closes safely and smoothly. They are attached to the door’s bottom brackets and the drum near the top of the door.

  2. Bottom Brackets: Also known as corner brackets, these are located at the lower corners of the door and connect the cables to the door itself. They are under extreme tension and should only be adjusted or replaced by professionals.

Signs of Faulty Cables and Bottom Brackets

Recognizing the signs of wear or damage early can prevent more significant issues down the line:

  • Frayed or Broken Cables: Look for visible signs of wear, such as fraying or rust. Broken cables may cause the door to hang at an angle or not open smoothly.

  • Loose or Damaged Bottom Brackets: If these brackets are loose, misaligned, or damaged, they can affect the door’s balance and put undue stress on other parts.

Garage Door Cable Replacement las vegas
Garage Door Cable Replacement Las Vegas

Safety First: The Risks of DIY

Replacing garage door cables and bottom brackets can be dangerous due to the high tension they’re under. Please contact professionals like Infinity Garage Door at 702-890-3611, especially if you’re in the Las Vegas area. Our trained technicians have the tools and expertise to perform the job safely and efficiently.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Garage Door Cables and Bottom Brackets

For educational purposes, here’s an overview of how a professional might replace these components:

  1. Preparation:

    • Ensure the door is closed and disconnect the opener.
    • Clamp the door to the track to prevent it from springing open.
    • Release the tension in the springs.
  2. Removing Old Cables and Brackets:

    • Unhook the old cables from the brackets and drums.
    • Carefully remove the bottom brackets if they’re being replaced.
  3. Installing New Brackets and Cables:

    • Attach the new bottom brackets to the door.
    • Thread the new cables around the drums and secure them to the bottom brackets.
  4. Tensioning and Testing:

    • Restore tension to the springs.
    • Remove clamps and test the door manually before reconnecting the opener.

Professional Tips for Maintenance and Longevity

Even with new cables and brackets, regular maintenance is critical:

  • Regular Inspections: Check the components periodically for signs of wear or damage.

  • Lubrication: Keep moving parts lubricated to reduce friction and wear.

  • Professional Tune-ups: Schedule regular maintenance visits from experts like Infinity Garage Door to catch potential issues early.

Garage Door Maintenance Las Vegas
Garage Door Maintenance Las Vegas

Why Choose Infinity Garage Door

With a deep understanding of garage door intricacies and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Infinity Garage Door stands out as a premier provider in the Las Vegas area. Our team is not just skilled in replacements; we’re dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions and advice to ensure the longevity and reliability of your garage door.

The Importance of Expertise in Garage Door Repairs

While some home maintenance tasks are suitable for DIY enthusiasts, garage door repair requires professional expertise, especially for components under high tension, like cables and bottom brackets. Without the proper tools and knowledge, the risks of injury or further damage to your door are significant.

Garage door cables – Infinity Garage Door Repair


Replacing the cable and bottom bracket is a challenging task. You can only perform it if you have proper skills. It only makes things worse if you are experienced enough. Could you reposition the bracket carefully to the same position? Infinity Garage Door has qualified and experienced professionals. We also provide 24/7 service and customized inspection. So, immediately consult the experts if you have a problem like this.

Replacing garage door cables and bottom brackets is a task that demands understanding, precision, and respect for the inherent dangers. By entrusting this job to the professionals at Infinity Garage Door, you ensure your garage door system’s safety, functionality, and longevity. Remember, your garage door is not just an entryway but a critical component of your home’s security and daily functionality. Please treat it with the care it deserves.

If you have questions or want to schedule a repair in Las Vegas, please contact Infinity Garage Door at 702-890-3611. We’re here to provide the service and peace of mind you deserve.

Garage door cables repair
Everything About Replacing Garage Door Cables and Bottom Brackets 5

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What kind of garage door torsion cables do I need for my garage door?

Imagine your garage door is like a heavy textbook you must lift with a string. The torsion garage door cables are that string. To make sure you can lift the textbook without the string breaking, you need to consider a few things:

Type of Door: If your garage door rolls up with springs at the top (torsion springs), you need special cables that work with those springs.
Door’s Weight and Size: The garage door cables must match how heavy and oversized your door is. It’s like choosing a thicker string for a heavier book.
Cable Material: Most cables are solid metal that doesn’t rust easily. If it rains or snows a lot where you live, you might want a cable that’s even better at not rusting.
Compatibility: The cable has to fit with your garage door system. It’s like ensuring the string fits the holes in your textbook so it doesn’t slip out.
Ask for Help if Unsure: If you’re unsure which cable to pick, it’s like asking your teacher for help with a challenging math problem. Sometimes, getting expert advice is the best way to go.
Remember, the suitable torsion cable will make lifting your garage door as easy as opening your favorite book!

Are all garage door cables the same?

Garage door cables are a critical component of the door’s operation, serving as the conduit for transferring the mechanical force necessary to facilitate the opening and closing of the door. It is imperative to understand that these cables are not universally interchangeable due to the following factors:

System Specificity: Each garage door configuration necessitates a distinct type of garage door cables, tailored to the unique mechanical requirements of the system.
Dimensional Requirements: The physical dimensions of the garage door—its height and width—necessitate cables of corresponding length and diameter to ensure adequate strength and functionality.
Load-Bearing Capacity: The cables must possess the tensile strength required to support the door’s weight, which varies depending on the door’s construction materials and insulation.
Material Composition: The choice of material for the cables should reflect the environmental conditions to which the door will be exposed, with considerations for durability and resistance to the elements.
In conclusion, selecting the appropriate garage door cable is a nuanced process that requires careful consideration of the door’s specifications and the operational context. It is advisable to consult with a specialist to ascertain the optimal cable for your garage door system.

Are garage door cables standard size?

Garage door cables are integral to the proper functioning of your garage door system, acting as the link between the door’s movement and the torsion springs. These cables are not standardized due to the diversity in garage door designs and sizes. Here are the key points to consider:
System Design: Each garage door system is designed with specific requirements in mind, and the cables must be compatible with these designs to ensure safe and efficient operation.
Door Dimensions: The size of the garage door dictates the length and thickness of the cable needed. Larger and heavier doors require more robust cables to handle the increased weight.
Tensile Strength: The cable must have the appropriate tensile strength, which is the ability to withstand tension, to support the door’s weight without failing.
Material Quality: Cables are typically made from high-grade steel to provide strength and durability, but the exact composition may vary based on the manufacturer’s specifications and the environmental conditions the door will face.
In essence, while garage door cables perform a standard function, their size and strength vary depending on the individual door’s requirements. It’s important to consult the garage door’s manual or a professional to determine the exact specifications needed for your particular system.

What is the cost of garage door cables?

The expense of garage door cables can be influenced by several variables, much like the cost of a custom school project depends on the materials and effort involved. Here’s what affects the price:
Material Quality: The cables are generally crafted from steel, prized for its strength and longevity. The price can fluctuate based on whether you opt for a standard version or a premium one.
Cable Variety: There are torsion cables and extension spring cables, among others, each with its own pricing.
Dimensions: The necessary cable size is determined by the garage door’s dimensions and weight. Bigger, heavier doors will need sturdier, and potentially more costly, cables.
Installation Service: The cost also encompasses the professional installation fee, which is crucial for ensuring the door operates smoothly and safely.
Ongoing Upkeep: As with any part of a garage door, cables may require occasional maintenance or replacement, which adds to their lifetime cost.
Typically, the price for garage door cables starts at a modest amount for basic options but can increase for more specialized or heavy-duty cables. Professional installation might add to the initial cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment for the safety and functionality of your garage door. Remember, the right cables can make all the difference in how well your garage door works day-to-day.

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