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Keep burglars out of your garage?

So, it is finally a fine Sunday afternoon, and you left all of your personal belongings at the garage door. Chances are the decent guy you see walk past your home is probably a burglar. And he exactly knows how ill-secured your garage door is. Opting for garage door repair may keep your garage door all up and running, but there is more to it than the eyes can see.

The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of some of the best security tips that go into securing your garage door. Now, bear in mind that some of the installations might require professional assistance as well.


Different Ways to Secure Your Garage Door


1) Improve Outdoor Lighting

There is no point in arguing that burglars prefer to break in at night. Keeping the area around your garage door dark is more like an open invitation to them. One of the best ways to work around the same is by installing motion-activated floodlights. You can easily place them near the windows and right above the door. This way, any burglar will always think twice before entering your property. This is something that can always come in handy when any repair work is going around the garage.

2) Creating Open Landscape

It is very important to make sure that the area around your garage door is not dark and covered with tall bushes and trees. Some burglars can even sneak into your property even in broad daylight. Being able to get a clear view of the front and rear of your garage can certainly help you. You can even plant some thorny bushes under your garage windows to keep burglars away as well.

3) Keeping Your Door Locked

Initially, it might seem like a no-brainer, but for the majority of the tips, theft occurs due to open garage doors. In other words, keeping your garage door left open is just like inviting the intruder inside your home. Studies have shown that keeping your garage door closed can significantly decrease the rate of burglary by up to 50%. Opting for a garage door sensor can also help you deal with the bad habit. The automatic garage door closer will always keep your garage door closed when left unchecked for a longer duration of time. For added protection, you can also go with an automatic garage door lock.

4) Don’t Keep Everything at Your Garage

You will be surprised to know that even keeping your garage door windows open can assist the burglar. It can help them to give a quick overview of what’s in your garage before they hit their payday. That is why make sure to only keep the bare minimum in your garage door. Opting for the interior curtain is also a great way to keep the lights in a while, covering the windows.

5) Hide Your Garage Door Remote

If you have an automatic garage door opener, make room for the remote inside your house. Oftentimes, people leave their remotes on the visors of their cars. The thieves won’t hesitate for a second before using it for their benefit. Now, if you forget where you have kept the remotes, the best course of action is to apply for a keychain remote. This way, you can make sure that it’s always with you. Now, if you believe that you might lock your family members within the garage, you can easily leave a spare remote to your neighbors.

6) Using a Garage Shield

All credit goes to the mass media for making it so easy to break into a garage door. Some burglars can enter your garage in under one minute using just a coat hanger. Some of the cheaper options could be to use a zip tie or cut your emergency release cord altogether. But this significantly reduces the safety of your garage door. Another way around the same is to use garage shields. They tend to cover the emergency release cord while making it almost impossible for the burglars to break in. It’s very inexpensive and comes with easy installation options.

7) Opting for Periodic Maintenance

It is never easy to break into a properly maintained garage door. So, always make sure to opt for periodic maintenance at least once every three to four months. This way, you don’t have to worry a dime about someone breaking into the house. Neither less to say, periodic maintenance improves the overall longevity of the garage door. You can also opt for reinforced locks, which provide you with the ability to further secure your garage. You can always go with a single-sided deadbolt. One of their biggest advantages is that it can’t be picked from outside.

8) Securing Your Home Entrance

It’s not like we have any particular beef with garage doors. But, they are most vulnerable to a burglar. But at the same time, don’t forget the other doors that lead to your house. For example, your home entrance can also jeopardize the security of your home. That being said, always make sure to remember the lock of your entry door. To further secure the door, you can also use door spike plates. Nonetheless, you can also add sensors to the home entrance as well.


Safeguarding Your Sanctuary: Strategies to Keep Burglars Out of Your Garage


Ensure your peace of mind with Infinity Garage Door’s guide to keeping burglars out of your garage. Discover expert strategies for Las Vegas homeowners to fortify their garages and protect their valuables. Contact us at 702-890-3611 for customized security solutions.

Your garage is more than just a place to park your car or store your tools; it’s an integral part of your home’s security. In Las Vegas, where the safety of your property and family is paramount, understanding how to fortify your garage against burglars is crucial. Infinity Garage Door is committed to helping you secure your space with proven strategies and professional insight.


Understanding the Risks


Burglars often target garages as they can be easier to break into than homes and contain valuable items such as cars, bikes, and tools. Furthermore, an attached garage can provide an intruder with access to your house. By acknowledging these risks, you can take targeted steps to enhance your garage’s security.


Key Strategies to Secure Your Garage


  1. Strengthen Entry Points:

    • Doors and Windows: Ensure your garage doors and any windows are sturdy and well-maintained. Add reinforcements to the door, such as a deadbolt or a strike plate, and install window locks or shatter-resistant film.
    • Garage Door Opener: Upgrade to a modern opener with rolling-code technology, which changes the access code every time the remote is used, preventing code theft.
  2. Enhance Visibility and Lighting:

    • Install motion-sensor lights around your garage and along pathways leading to it. Burglars are less likely to target well-lit areas.
    • Keep the area around your garage clear of overgrown vegetation that could provide cover for intruders.
  3. Alarm Systems and Surveillance:

    • Fit your garage with an alarm system, ideally one that’s integrated with your home’s system. Visible alarm signs can be a deterrent on their own.
    • Consider installing security cameras that cover the garage area. Modern systems allow for remote monitoring via smartphones.
  4. Secure the Emergency Release:

    • Most garage doors have an emergency release feature. Secure it with a zip tie (which can still be broken in an actual emergency) or install a shield to prevent thieves from triggering it.
  5. Routine Maintenance and Awareness:

    • Regularly inspect your garage door and its components for any signs of wear or tampering.
    • Always lock the door between your garage and home. Treat it as you would your front door.
  6. Behavioral Adjustments:

    • Never leave the garage door remote in your car, especially if you park outside. Instead, use a keychain remote or your smartphone if your system allows it.
    • Always close and lock the garage door, even if you’re home. An open garage can be an invitation to opportunists.

The Role of Professional Services

While there’s much you can do on your own, partnering with professional services like Infinity Garage Door can provide additional layers of security:

  • Professional Assessment: A security expert can assess your specific needs and recommend the best solutions tailored to your home and neighborhood.

  • Installation Services: Whether it’s a new garage door, a more secure opener system, or additional reinforcements, professional installation ensures everything is set up correctly and functioning as it should.

  • Regular Maintenance: Professionals can provide regular maintenance to ensure all security measures continue to function optimally and address any potential issues before they become vulnerabilities.

Community Engagement and Neighborhood Watch

Engaging with your community and participating in neighborhood watch programs can significantly enhance overall security. Alert neighbors can look out for suspicious activity and report it, creating a safer environment for everyone.


Customizing Your Approach

Every home and neighborhood in Las Vegas is unique, and so are your security needs. Consider factors like your specific area, the layout of your property, your lifestyle, and your budget when deciding on security measures. Infinity Garage Door is here to help you navigate these choices and find the best solutions.

Infinity Garage Door provides some of the best garage door service Las Vegas. Starting from broken garage door spring Las Vegas to changing worn cables, you can get comprehensive services from us. That being said, all of our technicians are certified according to the industry standards while having years of experience in the field. That being said, you can always reach out to us, 24/7 around the clock. So, whether it is regarding repair works or to improve the security of your garage, make sure to get in touch with Infinity Garage Door Repair.

keep burglars out of your garage
keep burglars out of your garage

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