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Garage doors are one of the important aspects of our home. Therefore, the efficiency and prompt functionality of your garage door system are essential. Proper function of the garage door is very essential for a seamless livelihood. If it malfunctions, it will prove to be inconvenient as well as dangerous for the house owner.

Garage doors are generally operated with the help of the remote-control system by the owner. The remote-control system establishes a link between the remote and the motorized trolley of the garage door. The system makes use of a signal that can activate the electric motor when the remote control sends the related instructions.

“Phantom operation” is a mechanical malfunction. It causes the garage door to open or close without receiving any signal or instruction either from the remote or the wall button. Because the garage door uses the track and pulley system, it is bound to confront such problems. Similar to any other mechanical device, garage doors can cause major issues if the system doesn’t work efficiently. However, the problem of the garage door is opening by itself is a serious one. Thereby, it should be repaired right away without any delay.

What Issues Will You Face Open Or Close Garage Door by Itself?

Your garage door opening and closing without your instruction is a considerable risk. This will prove to be a great concern for any homeowner. It will be worse if this happens when you are out of your home. This will mean access to your garage for any random stranger. Not only will this pose a risk to your home security, but it will cause inconvenience when you try to open or close the garage door on your own. Besides these, there will be many other related problems you will have to face if you don’t get your garage door repaired as soon as possible.

Causes of This Problem

The most common cause of this problem is a faulty logic board of the garage system. The circuit board, commonly known as the logic board, is considered to be the brain of the mechanism of the garage door opening system. A faulty logic board essentially means that you won’t have control over the instructions on your own remote-control system. This can cause your garage door to open or close by itself. There can be numerous other defects in the garage door system for such ghost movements to occur. Some of the common mechanisms which can go wrong are listed below:

  1. Improper wiring or wrong connections of the wall button.
  2. Wrong wiring in the transmitter.
  3. Old batteries in the remote control, thereby damaging the whole remote-control system.
  4. Malfunctioning of the remote-control system, thus sending random, improper signals to the operator.
  5. Shorts in any one of the transmitters or in the wall button.

Uncommon Causes Garage Door Open or Close by Itself

1. Radio interfaces

Although uncommon, radio interferences can send signals of a certain particular frequency that can affect the functionality of the garage door system. The owner is likely to encounter any such problem only if one is living close to any radio tower or a radio station. Similarly, police radios and CB radios can also cause a considerable amount of radio interference.

2. Similar frequency

If a piece of equipment emits similar frequencies to that of your garage system, there is a chance that your garage door can get opened by following instructions of those similar frequency signals. However, one is likely to face this problem only if one lives near the military camps. This is because there can be similar frequencies emitted by different types of equipment operating in military camps. Such frequencies can make the garage door to open or close by itself.

3. Same frequency or code

This is another uncommon reason as to why the garage door is opening by itself. Someone else can possibly have the same frequency or code as yours. If your neighbor has installed a garage system recently and by chance, he/she can have the same frequency or code as yours, you are at risk of encountering this problem. Whenever your neighbor tries to operate his/her own garage system, your garage door will also start operating by following the same instructions.

4. Power Surge

If there is a power surge in your area, it could be one of the possible reasons as to why the garage door is opening by itself. The power surge can damage the electronic system in the transmitter. Although this is a rare factor, it is not an impossible one.

Causes Relating to the Remote

Poor care of the remote can also make the garage door to function improperly. Leaving the garage door remote in the kitchen junk drawer can damage the remote. If this malfunction arises, the following precautionary measures should be considered:

  1. If the batteries are worn out, replace the old, rusted batteries with new ones. Consider troubleshooting the garage door by changing batteries from time to time, that is, whenever required. Make sure to remove the batteries from the controller before leaving it idle for a considerable amount of time.
  2. Check for any loose wires by removing the wall button from the wall.
  3. Consider replacing the wires if there is any shot in the transmitter or on the wall button.
  4. It is a good idea to clear the memories from your opener and reprogram the remotes. This solution will definitely help if any of your neighbors have the frequency or code of their garage door system as yours.

Final thoughts

If any of your problems persist even after trying out all the methods which are listed above, you will need to seek the help of a professional service team. We, at Infinity Garage Door, will always be willing to serve you with our highest quality services, which are offered at minimal costs. Our experienced and reliable technicians will be able to diagnose the source of the problem of your garage door system and will provide the most cost-effective way to repair it. Contact us to avail our services at the earliest. Call for any query at 7028903611.

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