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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, ensuring safety while maintaining essential home services is crucial. Infinity Garage Door, serving the Las Vegas area, is committed to providing safe and reliable garage door repair services during these challenging times.


Implementing Safety Protocols:


Learn how we’ve adapted our garage door repair services to adhere to CDC guidelines, including wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and using sanitization procedures to protect our staff and customers.


Contactless Service Options:


Discover our contactless repair options that minimize direct interaction while effectively addressing your garage door issues, ensuring both safety and efficiency.


Enhanced Communication and Scheduling:


Find out how we’ve streamlined our communication and scheduling processes using digital tools to reduce physical contact and provide timely service updates.


Supporting Our Community:


Read about Infinity Garage Door’s commitment to supporting the Las Vegas community during COVID-19 by offering special accommodations and prioritizing emergency repairs for essential workers.




In these uncertain times, Infinity Garage Door remains dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and efficient garage door repair services in Las Vegas. Contact us at 702-417-7468 for safe and professional service.

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