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When it comes to selecting a new garage door, homeowners are faced with the pivotal decision of choosing between wood and steel. This choice not only affects the door’s appearance but also its maintenance, durability, and overall impact on the property.

Wood Garage Doors: Classic Elegance and Customization


Wooden garage doors are synonymous with classic luxury and aesthetic appeal. Their standout feature is the customization they offer, allowing designs that can complement your home’s architecture. These doors enhance curb appeal and are a preferred choice for eco-conscious homeowners due to their environmentally friendly nature. However, they require regular maintenance, including sanding and staining, and are susceptible to water damage, although repairing damaged panels is generally straightforward.

Steel Garage Doors: Durability and Low Maintenance


Steel garage doors are celebrated for their minimal maintenance requirements and adaptability across various climates. They are typically more affordable than wooden doors and are valued for their durability and longevity. While they may not match the natural beauty of wood, modern steel doors can imitate wooden aesthetics. Lower-quality steel doors might be prone to rust and dents, but these issues are less common with higher quality steel.

Comparing Durability and Maintenance


Durability varies significantly between the two materials. Wooden doors can suffer from warping, rot, or termite damage but allow for the replacement of individual panels. Steel doors can endure well over time, especially when made from stronger gauges of steel, like 24-gauge, which is more resistant to dents and scratches. In terms of maintenance, wooden doors demand more effort, needing regular refinishing, while steel doors are comparatively low-maintenance.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency


Both materials can be insulated, but they differ in their insulating properties. Wooden doors provide natural insulation and can be further enhanced with additional layers. Steel doors, especially when insulated, are effective at maintaining temperature and are more energy-efficient.

Environmental Concerns and Resale Value


For eco-friendly options, both wood and steel doors have solutions. Eco-friendly wooden doors are available, designed from sustainable materials. Steel doors also come in eco-friendly versions made from composite steel. When considering resale value, both types of garage doors can add curb appeal and potentially increase property value. The choice of door should complement the overall design and color scheme of the home.

Fusion Garage Doors: Combining the Best of Both Worlds


For homeowners torn between the beauty of wood and the durability of steel, fusion garage doors offer a perfect compromise. These doors feature a wooden overlay on an insulated steel base, providing the aesthetic appeal of wood with the structural benefits of steel.

Multiple variations are available to the homeowners who are considering replacing or installing a new garage door. But the fact of whether the door will be made of wood or steel is pivotal. The homeowner needs to cleverly make a decision to avoid scrambling to do repairs from garage door repair Las Vegas or have it replaced. Durability counts while installing a garage door. A garage door surely needs good maintenance to determine how long it is going to last.

Comparison between Wood & steel garage doors

Here we are jotting down all ifs and buts of both wood and steel garage doors. Hoping that it might help you pick the best one.


Longevity & Durability


Old-style wood doors require regular maintenance like refinishing whereas; a steel door doesn’t need so much attention. If we talk about longevity, it depends on the strength of the steel used. Thicker 24-gauge steel will hold up more than 28-gauge steel. A stronger gauge steel door endures proficiently against abuses such as denting.

Multiple options available

Traditional wooden doors are aesthetically appealing. A wooden door is the first choice of homeowners having a street-facing home. This raises the property value and can add to the beauty of a home. Lookalike steel doors are also a brilliant alternative.




In workshops, insulation plays a keen role. Wooden doors offer better insulation than the one solely made up of steel. But another considerable fact is that an insulated steel door insulates better than wooden doors. Take a wise decision based on this fact.

Rusting on garage doors


If cheap steel doors are installed it could rust, but removing it is not so difficult and gets off completely. Besides all the garage doors have a polyester-coated finish which prevents rusting.


Homeowners looking for a new garage door might not consider calling garage door repair Summerlin for quite some time. Making a decision based on desired style and amount of work to be put into the door.

On one hand, steel is a wonderful option for those who prefer reliable, insulated, and long-lasting solutions. On the flip side wood is a great choice for those who want a more stylish door and are ready to put in time for the maintenance. Both wood and steel garage doors are great choices & each offers benefits and drawbacks. If you are stuck between which door fits your requirement consult Infinity Garage experts. They are experienced in garage door repair Las Vegas and are ready to help & solve your issues 24×7.




Choosing between wood and steel for your garage door depends on your preferences for style, maintenance, durability, and energy efficiency. Both materials have their unique advantages and can significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of your home.

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