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The garage door is one of the most-commonly used entrances in any house. It is lowered and lifted multiple times a day. Without being said, there can be a possibility of malfunctioning relating to your garage door system due to its rigorous use.

The garage door can get stuck in the middle while being lowered or lifted. 

Fraying is another major issue that garage owners can face. 

Do not worry if you find yourself in any of these situations. 

Infinity Garage Door Repairs is here to offer you some valuable advice regarding the same. 

However, if you are not confident enough, trying to repair any problem by yourself will only worsen the situation. It will further damage the system and will additionally increase your repair costs. While many repair works require professional guidance, you can repair a few problems by yourself if you have some basic knowledge of its functioning.


If you meet with the issue of how to level garage door, read on further to gain insights with the help of our expertise.


Reasons That Can Disturb the Levelling of your Garage Door


Your garage door can become out of level for several reasons. 

The garage door cable consists of many tiny, twisted cables. 

This provides the cable with optimum strength and durability. 

This is known as fraying. 

This is also a part of the safety mechanism because the breaking of a single tiny cable won’t cause the whole garage door system to collapse. 

However, over a while, the frayed cables grow in length as they fray. Therefore, fraying can be one of the common reasons to disturb the leveling of your garage door.


The garage door can rise from either of the sides if the cable drums are not aligned with the cables. In that case, the cable needs to replaced. Another cause of this issue is when the cable drum (where cables are attached to) slips. This can make the cable look longer. The garage doors that need leveling will generally have a hollow shaft along the top of the garage door. 


Knowing the possible reasons for this issue and some basic knowledge regarding the working parts of your garage door system is the first step towards learning how to level the garage door.


How to level your garage door all by yourself?


One can repair the garage door by oneself with these few tips and bits of advice. However, this can be a dangerous procedure for an amateur. If you are not knowledgeable enough to perform this procedure, make sure to hire a professional team. Any mistake during the procedure can lead to unwanted consequences. Moreover, an expert team will ensure efficient and prompt servicing and will help you in correcting even the slightest errors in your garage door system. Infinity Garage Door is one of such few companies which guarantee high-quality maintenance services at fair, market-competitive prices.

Tools and Equipment


You will need the following mentioned tools and equipment:



    • Pliers

    • Screwdrivers

    • Ladder (preferably wooden ladders)

    • A set of winding bars

    • 7/16 wrench

    • Vise grip

Precautions to be taken:


Keep your hands away from the hinges of your garaged door. Any clothing piece must be kept away from the shaft, torsion springs, and the drum. One must properly rewind the spring/springs, especially in case of heavier doors. To learn how to level the garage door, these precautions are a must, since any physical harm sustained during the procedure could be dangerous.


Procedure to level your garage door



    • Stick the winding bar on the cone. After that, loosen the key grip on the spring.

    • Retighten all the key bolts. You must make sure that you don’t mistakenly remove the winding bar from the cone.

    • Tighten the cable drum. This, in turn, will make sure that the cables won’t slip.

    • Try to loosen up the other cable drum. The main intention behind this is to make sure that both the cable drums experience the same amount of tension.

    • After that make sure to remove the cone from the winding bar.

    • Slowly and carefully, lift the garage door. Again, pull it down slowly.

After you are done with your initial checking, you can make sure whether they are properly aligned or not. Even so, we would strongly suggest seeking for professional help, even after you have done the majority of the groundwork.


The procedures mentioned above will be your helping hand when leveling your garage door by yourself. However, these steps are also useful to change your torsion springs, cables, or even bearing plates. It is dangerous and inconvenient to keep using your unlevelled garage door without repairing it. 

Having a leveled garage door also helps in keeping your garage safe from wild animals and reptiles like snakes, etc. 

It also helps to ensure that the working parts of your garage are not under undue stress and will keep functioning smoothly and efficiently. 

Utilize these tips from Infinity Garage Door as carefully as possible to achieve the best results.


Infinity Garage Door provides high-quality services and annual maintenance of your garage door system. 

Our skilled and experienced technicians will assist you in the smooth and efficient functioning of your garage door system. 

Contact us as soon as possible to get our premium services at competitive market prices. Call for help at 7028903611.

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