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One of the most common concerns that come up for homeowners is house security, specifically around making sure that thieves cannot break into one’s home. While many homeowners choose to purchase alarm systems and heavy-duty locks for their front and back doors, many people forget about their garage door which can bring in unwanted visitors if left unlocked.

An easy fix for this is to install an automatic lock in your garage that will keep it locked down so that it cannot be lifted up when you are not home. Let’s look at the features and advantages that automatic locks for garage doors offer you and why they are important for home security.


What Benefits Do Automatic Garage Door Locks Offer You?


When you install an automatic garage door lock, not only do you get protection from thieves and unruly weather, but you get a lot of other benefits too like the following.


  • When your garage door lock is engaged, you are going to hear an audible click. This ensures that a) the lock has been engaged correctly and b) you know for a fact that your door is locked down tight. There’s no second-guessing or double-checking required.
  • If the automatic lock you choose comes with a smartphone application, you will get added benefits like being able to close your garage door and lock it with a simple click of a button. This works incredibly well if another family member has accidentally left the garage door open.
  • If you have an automatic lock that works with your smartphone, you can choose to get smart push notifications about your garage door’s status. You will always know when it is opened or closed.
  • You will never need to install additional locks or security systems for your garage door as an automatic garage door lock will keep you safe with state-of-the-art technology.
  • There are fewer chances of you getting hurt or injured from your garage door slamming down on you without notice. The automatic lock will either keep it shut or keep it locked open so that you can move in and out freely without worry.


Why Is It Important to Have an Automatic Door Lock for Your Garage?


The first and most obvious reason is for security purposes. An automatic door lock and electric opener are going to completely lock down your garage space whenever it is not in use. No one will be able to access your garage as every time the door is locked, a new security code is generated for it. Plus, there are automatic locks for people who are forgetful so that the doors automatically close when you leave.


The second reason is that the automatic door lock will protect your garage and vehicles from inclement weather. You don’t have to worry about snow getting in through the bottom of the garage door, or the door becoming frozen shut due to freezing rain.


The third reason is that some automatic door locks and electric openers will come with a vacation mode option which will disable all remote controls while the mode is engaged. This means that if anyone wants to open the garage door, they will need to use the control panel instead which is the system that puts your door into vacation mode. This would be stored inside your home, ensuring that thieves cannot use fake remote controls to get in.


The fourth and final reason is that automatic door locks are energy-efficient despite what most people think. They are environmentally friendly as they consume little to no power when the door is not being opened or closed while the lock stays engaged.

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